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    Help ID this car

    Could be a 2000-2004 Lexus IS300. That trim line hitting right at wheel height and rear antenna which could be showing up in the photo. That line could also just be the cross walk reflection.
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    2011 Buying Advice Wanted

    Curious if you had any more info on this one?
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    2011 Buying Advice Wanted

    Looks like they raised the price, I'm guessing something broke on it.
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    L462 Lift on Coils

    I'm guessing the 2016 LR4 was lacking low range? or are you comparing v6 vs v8 engine braking? At least the new Defender comes standard with low range unlike the D5.
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    L462 Lift on Coils

    I've was just shooting for an over simplified comparison. 8 speeds is better than 4 with an overdrive if you're stuck in high range. I'm sure if you took the time you could do all the calculations with diff gearing, torque converter, tire size etc. Maybe I'm wrong when you factor all that in.
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    L462 Lift on Coils

    🤷‍♂️ The SE's come standard with coils. Only way to get a transfer case is to add one of these packs. The SE's with 7 seat pack seem to be pretty rare.
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    L462 Lift on Coils

    There's a small advantage of having an 8 speed transmission in the D5, 1st gear is 4.7:1 ratio. Compared to a D1 with 3 speed transmission, 1st gear is 2.48:1. I have no idea what the final drive ratio is, but all things being equal a D5 with no low range isn't quite as crippling as a say a D1...
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    L462 Lift on Coils

    LR lists various springs in different class ratings for the D5 in their parts catalog. I think that's the only option at the moment. The lack of low range in the coil version would be more my concern.
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    Genuine Land Rover work lamp

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    2011 Buying Advice Wanted

    That's a great deal if it's truly in good condition. I was looking for that car essentially and I'm in St. Louis. 🤦‍♂️ I'd jump on that if I didn't just reluctantly get out of the Land Rover game for a bit.
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    LUNCHBOX :: 1998 Land Rover Discovery

    There's northing on that truck that is worthy of Mr. Lee's approval.
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    2020 Defender

    When you add air-suspension to the 90 it comes out to basically the same price as a 110 which includes air-suspension as standard. You really have to want a 90, because value wise they don't make much sense.
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    SOLD - MJ Lee Rear Diff Guard - Fits D1, RRC, D90

    At the moment I'm not sure I'll be in town then, but I'll get back to you once I know for sure.