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    Brake Booster failures on Discovery I

    I went with TRW after reading here and haven’t had any issues.
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    Skidsteer Loader / What do I need to know?

    If you look at a cat, the diesel and hydraulic fills are both on the back and look the same except for the caps that get dirty. You might make sure the hydraulics haven’t been topped off with diesel or diesel treatment. It happened to the one at my work and it has a whine/groan it didn’t have...
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    Looking for L3

    Thanks for the input, I think I should expect it to work for the cost. For what people are asking right now I won’t get one unless it’s in great shape.
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    Looking for L3

    How do these do with coil conversions? I found one with records/receipts and appears well maintained with some fresh work but that includes an airbag delete. I’ve read both opinions on it but didn’t see much on here. It seems like it defeats the design but if it’s a minimal trade off I might...
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    Looking for L3

    Thanks for the help. I’ll take some extra ears and go over some bumps if I go drive the one I’ve been looking at. That’s the price area I was thinking. I’m finding a lot of overpriced ones but found two at that price that look nice except for clear coat peel above the windshield on both and...
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    Looking for L3

    I'm looking at an 06 w/150k on it and I've found some maintenance records from its early life. The diff was done at around 20k. I know this was an item to look for but were they a one time fix or if i should expect to do it again (not the HD package)? I looks like the compressor might have...
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    It must have recently sold because I can't find it now. It was the one posted about 5 posts down of the last page of the Online Ad Finds thread. It looked like it was in really good shape and kept catching my eye.
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    Is it the red one that's been for sale forever?
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    I just got back from Tacoma. If you're interested you should just go check it out, my tickets were only ~$35 each way out of Denver and it's a cool place to see.
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    1996 Disco fuel filter replacement

    Search BMW fuel filter, I think most of us have gone this route of cutting the old one out and replacing it with a barbed one.
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    Engine starts and immediately dies

    If you have power then it's the pump, if not then look at the relay. Also look for broken wires or a bad connection when you're checking the power.
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    Engine starts and immediately dies

    Pull up your rear carpet and see if you're getting any power to the pump and go from there.
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    Engine starts and immediately dies

    I would check the fuel pressure at the rail before I did anything else.
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    Looks like the Nikola sham has been exposed. Rolling semis down hills and plugging cars into a power cord lol.
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    Navy Pilots Spot UFO's

    David Fravor (the pilot) was on Lex Fridman yesterday.