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    Politics forum is closed

    I find this seriously hard to believe. Especially after Chris moved politics into a separate section that was not indexed in new threads.
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    Emergency Generator

    Not sure. At the time, we had much larger house, with a lot of halogen lighting, and without solar. Now I have 4.5kW solar system (need to disconnect it from the grid in case of a blackout), so my max conceivable power draw is about 1.5kW. I'd go with a smaller and quieter Honda generator.
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    Emergency Generator

    I bought a generator in 2007 during the last San Diego large brush fire... Haven't even unpacked it since. Time to put it on C-list.
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    Advanced Stuck in Park

    BTW, hearing something click does not mean the solenoid disengaged the interlock.
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    Take That - Love for a Luxury-Free Land Rover!

    Here's a PDF.
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    Another SWB Classic beautifully upgraded with D2 seals.
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    Take That - Love for a Luxury-Free Land Rover!

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    AGM battery in 2011 RRS

    Hmm... 2010 LR4 came with an AGM, and I've replaced it twice with other AGMs.
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    OBD1 sanner
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    OBD1 sanner

    +1 on Rovergauge. Runs on your phone, the cable can stay in the truck connected to the port.
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    Just lost all brakes...

    yes, looks like m/c.
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    Catalytic converters delete on GEMS D1

    14CUX only uses upstream O2 sensors.
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    Catalytic converters delete on GEMS D1

    None required. ECU uses the front O2 sensors for closed-loop fuel adjustment, and only uses the rears to monitor catalyst performance. But the lack of cats may trigger the CEL.
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    Sun damaged dash parts

    Not necessarily, but it is a royal pain to do it with the windscreen in.
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    Sun damaged dash parts

    Yep, that's the one.