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    Hydrolocked disco

    I am not intimately familiar with the alarm system on a D1, so I will have to defer to others' expertise here. If it is like the D2, the fob and/or a functional door key are necessary to reset the alarm in some situations. I wish you the best in sorting it out.
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    Hydrolocked disco

    How did that work out for you?
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    Hydrolocked disco

    Check for signal with a plug wire probe while cranking. If you don't have a probe, pop out a plug, and ground it against a manifold while hooked up to its plug wire, then have someone turn it over while you watch for spark. Don't hold the wire. If you have spark, check fuel pressure...
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    2020 Defender

    No, there is no anti-redneck sentiment intended with my post. I can see how "Bubba" might trigger that connotation, though I am referring to the goofball tactical mall ninjas that buy gaudy stuff like that. Thanks.
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    2020 Defender

    I guess you use your uber-tactical machine gun to shoot off the old one, then MacGyver a new one on the rim before the zombies eat the flesh from your miserable bones. Have bro Bubba cover with firepower while performing the deed and deploy a safety perimeter to be sure. Oh, and make sure to...
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    P2098 update

    Post catalytic converter fuel trim system too lean bank 2. So, the O2 after the passenger's side catalytic converter is reading too lean for the computer's liking. My guess for the reason it illuminates the SES light immediately upon restart is probably because your long term fuel trims are...
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    Pockets: Samsung Note 9 Land Rover wallet to hold IDs, cash, and cards In a backpack: MSI GT80 Titan laptop, charger, mouse, and mousepad Beats Solo3 wireless headphones Notebook Assortment of USB flash drives Nikon D3400 with 2 lenses and battery charger
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    Bottorf Front Bumper Value?

    For protection value, I would expect someone would pay about $300-$400 plus ride? Maybe I am way off base?
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    Wise minds of dweb I summon thee

    Indeed, this is most likely. Best of luck.
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    Flashing MIL

    Ironically, my SES light started flashing this morning on the way in to work. Cylinder #6 misfire. It happens any time I give more than light throttle. Here is to hoping my issue is just a plug, wire, or coil. I just built this engine 2100 miles (3 months) ago.
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    Flashing MIL

    Unless I am mistaken, P1000 means your ECU memory was erased. Did you verify your ECU is dry? You said it has been rainy. In case you didn't already know, the coil on your truck is tucked way up on top of the bellhousing under the upper plenum. Supposedly the engineers put it there to keep...
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    Flashing MIL

    And the ECU can be found hidden behind the passenger side kick panel under the dash. Water from clogged sunroof drains can drip into that area. A rotten floor/firewall can also allow that water to seep in.
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    Flashing MIL

    The P0302 and P0305 are cylinder #2 and cylinder #5 misfires, respectively. These two cylinders share a common ignition coil. I couldn't find the Land Rover specific description of P1310, but other automakers presumably assign that to an igniter circuit malfunction. Perhaps that, too, would...
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    am i crazy?

    That is what I have been working on. I have a 2000 D2 for trails and a 2004 I am preparing for DD duty. I like the consistency of driving a similar vehicle. I also like that I can pull a spare from the trail truck if necessary and order in a new part while I continue motoring. The only downside...
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    D2 Kam Axles

    It seems that someone bought lots of leftovers and machined parts to make new KAM bits at the following URL: Not sure if a serviceable rear could be resurrected from that vendor. Looks promising. However, these diffs are probably gone now. I always...
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    D2 Kam Axles

    I really wanted these, but it looks like the rear locker is NLA?
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    Replacement block

    I am looking for a GEMS block to replace the cracked 4.6 in a D2 I recently acquired. I would also consider a Bosch block if it is known to be good.
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    Stick a fork in them.
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    Fuse Block Removal

    It is nearly impossible, but not absolutely impossible. Depressing the clips on the harness connectors in that tight space is a real bear sometimes. I found that after pulling the nut that holds it in place (on the top of the block), tilting it out as much as possible is the only reasonable way...
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    Tom Woods Front HD Driveshaft

    Shipping to 01602?