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  1. roverBLUE

    Steering rod RRC

    In need of a steering rod for 95 RRC. Mine split/cracked trying to get the TRE off the steering box side. Just stalled an almost completed project:mad: I would prefer one WITHOUT the TREs on it if possible. Anyone local I can pick up asap. thanks
  2. roverBLUE


    Anyone local in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/surrounding have a rotoflex available? In the process of arranging a conversion but I need the truck back on the road today.
  3. roverBLUE

    classic down

    RRC died on the wife on interstate exit. New fuel pump. Checked pres. at rail and ZERO. Pulled pump and lines in and out were bone dry. Checked fuel pump fuse in engine bay and it's good. Just got back to the truck with a new pump to replace. Any other fuses I don't know about to check? Thanks...
  4. roverBLUE

    95 RRC DS front turn signal

    In need of a DS front turn signal for a 95 RRC. The amber housing. Mine decided to jump and offer itself to I-40 in Raleigh somewhere. :banghead::rofl:
  5. roverBLUE

    electricals got us stranded

    got the bright idea to wash my truck since there was a pressure washer handy. just the exterior-no engine bay, hood closed. 2 hrs later-drove a total of two miles to grocery store and back and noticed my front defrost light lit and I couldn't get it turn off-so thinking I would prevent a dead...
  6. roverBLUE

    buttons losing function one by one

    all buttons I mention work only if pressed and held. first was rear defrost, then dome light, then it was the recycle air, and now my ac. did not happen all at once but over a year maybe. the latest is the AC. Dome light comes on when doors are opened. 95 RRC soft dash. I'm chalking up the rear...
  7. roverBLUE

    in need of a coolant tank for 95 RRC in Emerald Isle or vicinity

    Just as the title need of a coolant tank. I still have the black one which never gave me problems or showed sign. but I guess it was only a matter of time. Mine is leaking from the bottom of the tank and NOT the seam; perhaps a crack? took the wife and kid to visit Emerald Isle NC for...
  8. roverBLUE

    Freeman Park/Carolina Beach

    Looking to get some feedback from local goers and people that have visited. Want to visit tomorrow and possibly camp for one night. {Disclaimer} wife and 2 1/2 yr old in tow. From experience- is it crowded during this time? Will airing up and down be a necessity? Are there really porta johns out...
  9. roverBLUE

    fuse-where are they?

    I am slowly loosing functionality of some of my buttons. First it was the rear wiper (thought it was the motor-so did not worry about it) then I lost DS seat warmer and at the same time rear defrost. Now my "recycle" doesn't work. I think my buttons are slowly checking out. Just weird they are...
  10. roverBLUE

    New flex coupler

    had a friend pick up a flex coupler for me today from a local shop. I was told it was OE and the price reflected this...$107 + tax. Came in a white bag not a LR box. No biggie-all components are present; 3 bolts, coupler and the pilot bushing. What concerns me is the condition of the rubber...
  11. roverBLUE

    newly installed radiator

    Replaced my radiator the other day. No leaks. All hoses are good. Thermostat is good and working but NOT brand new. It starts out cold and moves to normal operating temp position which is about a hair under half mark. This has always been the normal position and it will go up when temp starts...
  12. roverBLUE

    In need of an exhaust shop in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham area

    Anyone had any experience with a shop taking in their Rover for exhaust work in this area? All I need is a universal cat to replace the PS converter and a universal mid muffler 'cause it has a hole in it. Hell, maybe I'll even replace the rear muffler. No shop in Chapel Hill will touch this...
  13. roverBLUE

    Michelin Synchrones

    looking for any Mich Synchrones 205 80 16 for my SWB
  14. roverBLUE

    Wtb 205/80/16

    I am in need of a stock tire for my 95 SWB...again! I'm looking for the Synchrone but I guess as long as the size is correct-it will work. Located in Chapel Hill, NC. Tire starting to show the sooner the better. or a set of the 244s
  15. roverBLUE

    oe tires for RRC 205 80 16

    need 1 or a set or whatever you got in the 205 80 16 size. Trying to buy some time; fronts have lots of life, one on its way out, one showing belt and an empty spare. Not sure whats going on in the rear but they are wearing tires prematurely.:(
  16. roverBLUE

    Mounting Hella 4Ks on ARB for 95 RRC

    I know it has been done...but wondering if there is a bonafied relocation tab or plate to provide clearance and accomodate the size of the housing and base plate. I've seen some pictures where I can make out a "plate" but wanted to know what people used before I got creative at the hardware store.
  17. roverBLUE

    cd changer magazine

    ...for a 95 RRC. I need a magazine as my changer is without one...trying to avoid listening to tapes....:)
  18. roverBLUE

    CD changer magazine

    ...for a 95 RRC. I know its a Pioneer but after looking on Ebay and other sites...there are different changer magazines. I'd like to pick one up from somewhere..perhaps a part out. I'm on the verge of looking for cassette tapes :)
  19. roverBLUE

    EFI Cable Harness Assembly '95 RRC SWB

    I pulled a CEL while at stop light today. Momentary sparatic idle. Light turned green and I drove about 50 miles on interstate and stop and go traffic. No problems at high speed or at stop lights. But I want to pull codes and reset the CEL. I look under the passenger seat-why is my EFI cable...
  20. roverBLUE

    WTB: Rear bumper end caps for 95 RRC

    like title says-I am looking for rear bumper end caps for a 95 RRC SWB