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  1. Vegas99D1

    Disco 1 Parts - McKinney, TX 75070

    I'm cleaning out my garage and have some parts for a D1 available, posted to local Craigslist. Sorry, no shipping, local pickup only. 3rd member - front sway bar -...
  2. Vegas99D1

    Aluminum Radiator

    Is anyone using a replacement aluminum radiator? I replaced the original LR radiator back in 2008 with a NISSIN one, and it's about time to change it once again (small leak). I was looking on eBay and found an all aluminum one for a decent price, supposed to be all TIG welded and the best part...
  3. Vegas99D1

    A-Pillar mounted Light Bar?

    Has anyone mounted a light bar to their A-Pillars? I found this Craigslist Ad: I texted the owner and he was nice enough to answer my questions about it even though I was not interested in buying the truck. He said he used the light bar...
  4. Vegas99D1

    1999 discovery 1 OBD2 Code P1198 Help

    hey all, I recently got a P1198 on my 1999 D1. I've tried looking up the code and it's not listed. Anyone have any info on this code and how to fix it? Thanks!
  5. Vegas99D1

    D1 Oil Pressure Switch Question

    Hey all, I'm wondering if i got an oil pressure switch that is bad. I recently replaced a badly leaking one (was leaking through the switch) with one from Atlantic British: The leaking stopped but now when the truck warms up and i come to a stop, my oil...
  6. Vegas99D1

    Disco 1 Oil Pressure Switch Removal

    Hey everyone, i tracked down a persistent leak to the oil pressure switch right above the oil filter. It's a 24mm (measured new switch) but there is no way to get a socket or wrench in there to take it out. What do you use to accomplish this? Any pics of how you did it is GREATLY appreciated!!
  7. Vegas99D1

    Rear Diff Clunking

    Got a weird clunk coming from the rear diff (took it to a shop, they narrowed it down to the rear diff). Only happens when going between 20-30mph..just cruising along. If i accelerate, the noise stops. If i slow down/stop, the noise stops. If i go around a easy turn it stops. The shop noticed...
  8. Vegas99D1

    leaking around oil filter

    Hey guys, Been searching and haven't found anything that describes my issue. I have a oil leak from somewhere around the oil filter. The oil is literally dripping off the oil filter itself. I checked the seal for the oil filter thinking it was not on tight (no issue). Is there an o-ring that...
  9. Vegas99D1

    D1 stock front drive shaft slip yoke "clocking"?

    Ok, so i had issues with vibrations coming from my stock front drive shaft and replaced it with a Tom Woods DC. When removing the stock drive shaft, the two pieces separated at the slip yoke. I have been told that these two are "clocked" a certain way to reduce vibration? Is this true or can i...
  10. Vegas99D1

    99 D1 Steering Shaft Heat Shield

    I was working on the brake proportioning valve and needed to remove the fabric steering shaft heat shield from around the steering shaft to get better access to the valve. Lo and behold, it disintegrated when trying to remove it carefully. What's your take on needing this heat shield. I know...
  11. Vegas99D1

    99d1 lower radiator hose ID needed

    Anyone know the ID (interior diameter) of the lower radiator hose for a D1 with AEL? My hose is messed up and i'm not sure the best part to measure off of mine. Anyone know off-hand?? Thanks!
  12. Vegas99D1

    Front Swaybar Help - 99 D1

    Recently installed RTE 2" lift springs and Terrafirma +2 shocks. Removed the rear sway bar completely and want to figure out how to setup quick disconnects for the front swaybar. I have found the articles with how to make your own disconnects, but what i want to know is do you put disconnects on...
  13. Vegas99D1

    Need Tech Spec Help - 99 D1

    Anyone know the spark plug wire resistance for a 99 D1? I want to test my existing wires to make sure they're still within specs. Tried searching and looking in RAVE, couldn't find anything???? Thanks in advance.
  14. Vegas99D1

    Will D2 Seats be a direct fit in a 99 D1?

    I have the chance to pick up a great looking set of front seats off a 03 D2 and want to know if anyone has tried to swap out the seats into a D1 before? Any issues with bolting it up? Wiring issues? Seat heater issues? I'd really love to have the arm rests and a working lumbar support! Thanks!
  15. Vegas99D1

    D1 Parts for sale

    Prefer local pick up in Austin, but willing to ship if buyer pays! ALL Prices negotiable, let's talk! All parts taken off a good running 1996 D1 SE7 with only 130k miles. D1 ECU w/o adv EVAP, p/n: ERR6355 - $200 Coolant Expansion Tank (no leaks!): $20 Brake Master Cylinder for D1 w/ABS...
  16. Vegas99D1

    Another Window Plastic Roller Question

    Does anyone have the exact dimensions of the plastic rollers for the windows that keeps on breaking for the D1 and/or D2? I lost mine and don't have the broken one to take measurements with. Thanks!