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    How do you figure out who is calling you with blocked caller ID?

    Some asshat has a robo caller machine and is making calls to a little old lady I know. Her phone just shows a blank screen when the calls come in. It calls her every 15 min. So how do you figure out who is making those calls?
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    Wisconsin Walmart Fiasco This is about 3 hours from me. It's a speacial kind of stupid and weird.
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    Is anyone making good bumpers anymore?

    I'm looking for some bumpers for a Disco1. I'm starting to think nobody makes them anymore.
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    Radius arms original color? Anybody remember this shit?

    I'm trying to find old pictures of work being done when Disco 1 was still a new truck. I can't remember what the original color was on thr radius arms. I think it was a bronze or gold color. Now all of them are just rust colored. Any body remember that? Or know a way to figure that out?
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    Old Man Emu Springs

    I'm looking at the springs I'm about to install and noticed the tags they put on the springs are different now. One spring has the actual OME spring 4 digit part #. The other spring has a 3 digit # and an X as the 4th digit. I'm looking for any info from OME but cant find anything. Does anyone...
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    VW ?

    Well I'm still holding out hope this is just an April fools joke. But I thought you guys would find it interesting.
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    We might have a problem

    I'm kicking around the web. Just surfing, not trolling this time. I found an article about Land Rover moving some production because of Brexit and all the pain and suffering and what have you. They will move production of Discovery models. Not sure if they mean Disco Sport, but I kind of think...
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    Some cool hacken shit

    So I've been hanging out in a little shop near my house. It was the old township garage built in about 1952. It's a cool space. Functional and cheap. I put a 4 post lift in it and will make more improvements. I have seen some really really impressive hacks. I've seen $300 trucks I would have...
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    Bosch fuel system in a P38

    I'm hoping somebody here has seen this. Working on this truck for a friend and it's got a strange problem I haven't seen before. It's a 2000 P38 with Bosch Engine management. Truck runs out of gas when the gauge says 1/2 tank. I ran the pump with a jumper until it starved at 1/2 tank. Pulled...
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    4 Post lift

    I've been looking for a used 4 post lift and can't seem to come up with much. I wan't to have one up and running by the first of June. If I don't find a used one in the next week I'm going to get something like Forward brand 14,000 lb. closed front for about $4400 delivered. That's with no...
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    Freelander wood grain kit

    I realize this isn't the right place to post this but Freelander accessories are hard to move. Does anybody feel the need to trick out a Freelander dash with stick on wood trim? I saved it from the dumpster maybe just temporarily. If no interest it's going in the dumpster.
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    Disco 1 price curve

    I've read and heard maybe the price curve on some of these Discos is on the way up. Not sure how nice a Disco would have to be to fetch 10 grand. I've built a hand full of trucks like this and usually end up with right around 8 grand in them and nobody willing to spend that much. People might...
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    Finally going to get this build going

    I brought a truck from Northern California a couple years ago that's just been sitting in my garage waiting for me to get started. I bought the thing after my kid wrecked my 99SD and he needed something to drive for the last half of his senior year in High School. Plus it was a pretty nice truck...
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    test link

    it works
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    Sunroof complete

    Wondering how much you guys are getting for a whole sunroof. Its a front for a Disco2. But I think all are the same.
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    What kind of snake is this Virginia boys??

    This snake was in Va Beach. I'm not sure what it is. The check pattern on it is throwing me. I was thinking it was a northern Brownsnake, but the markings aren't right.
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    NAS vs ROW Defender Body Removal

    On a NAS D90 what would be the best lifting points to pull the whole body? Since the NAS trucks have no rear bulkhead behind the 1st row of seats it has to come off as a whole assembly. I figure I need to lift it at the bulkhead but not sure how much support its going to need between that and...
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    Grinding type noise on light accell at highway speeds

    I have a truck here that makes a strange grinding type noise when you bearly tip into the throttle when driving at highway speeds. I've heard this noise on a couple of trucks I've owned but was never very concerned about it. I always thought it had to do with the front prop shaft after lifting...
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    P38 Security

    Hope somebody here can get remember some stuff about a super locked LP Range Rover. I have a truck that is super locked. T4 wont unlock the BECM. When I command it it sits there and kind of looks like its trying to unlock the BECM but it won't. It in effect locks up the T4. So my question is...
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    Oh Milwaukee...We Have a Problem

    You guys see the shit going on in Milwaukee. I've worked up there for the last 4 years or so. It's the most segregated city I have ever seen. There's videos of the rioters checking cars for white people and attacking any car with white people in them. I got to believe this is the start of some...