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  1. Vegas99D1

    Windshield Cowl - WTF?

    i have experience with Rexypow, well made but shipping takes a while from Malaysia. He used to make Saudi Grills for the D1 for about $200USD shipped.
  2. Vegas99D1

    D1 Head Unit - Cassette Belt Routing

    I'm having the same issue where the tape loads/ejects but won't play. Please keep this updated!
  3. Vegas99D1

    Factory heat tabs?

    Can confirm that is exactly what Can confirm, I used to work for an auto recycler and we would install these on all engines/cylinder heads before shipping out to customers. If it's melted, the warranty is invalid.
  4. Vegas99D1

    D1 Wheels

    will, how much for a set of the NATO style?
  5. Vegas99D1

    Rear (Cargo) Door

    Had this happen shortly after I got my Disco 1. You can access the door lock by climbing over the back seat and removing the subwoofer module. Once that's off you can remove the door card and gain access to the lock mechanism. Not an easy feat but doable nonetheless.
  6. Vegas99D1

    Brake master cylinders

    Don't mean to hijack but my MC has been leaking at the seals where the reservoir connects to the MC. Is this something where I can just pop off the reservoir and replace the seals or do I need to bleed the MC/brakes after replacing the seals?
  7. Vegas99D1

    Engine Replacement or Rebuild?

    Heres the website for future reference:
  8. Vegas99D1

    Disco 1 Parts - McKinney, TX 75070

    Lol, keeping the Rover, just need more room in the garage. ;)
  9. Vegas99D1

    Disco 1 Parts - McKinney, TX 75070

    I'm cleaning out my garage and have some parts for a D1 available, posted to local Craigslist. Sorry, no shipping, local pickup only. 3rd member - front sway bar -...
  10. Vegas99D1

    CT brush guard and winch mount

    how do you have the winch tray mounted? Is that a custom or generic tray?
  11. Vegas99D1

    CT brush guard and winch mount

    robert, will you be selling any of the bumpers?
  12. Vegas99D1

    Aluminum Radiator

    Yes, the condenser fans kick on fine. I'm thinking that besides the small leak, that the radiator is probably corroded inside but a cursory look in the filler hole, all looks clean.
  13. Vegas99D1

    Aluminum Radiator

    The main issue I'm having is when idling, the truck will get very hot. Luckily, I've been keeping an eye on the temp gauge and shut it down before it gets to the red zone on the temp gauge. I'm having this issue even though I've already replaced the water pump, fan clutch, thermostat, and the...
  14. Vegas99D1

    Aluminum Radiator

    great suggestion, but as you said, no money left over!
  15. Vegas99D1

    Aluminum Radiator

    Is anyone using a replacement aluminum radiator? I replaced the original LR radiator back in 2008 with a NISSIN one, and it's about time to change it once again (small leak). I was looking on eBay and found an all aluminum one for a decent price, supposed to be all TIG welded and the best part...
  16. Vegas99D1

    2003 discovery scammed

    I once sold a 4-runner to a guy, I told him of the all the known issues and he purchased it from me anyway. One week later, he comes calling saying he took it to his mechanic and that his mechanic "found" all of the issues I had already told him about prior to him buying and he expected me to...
  17. Vegas99D1

    Window Vent/Visors

    don't be lazy and post some pics! LOL
  18. Vegas99D1

    Window Vent/Visors

    I just threw in a random D2 year, they're all the same: I like these 'cause they're made in Germany. Fit well and last. Have a set on my D1 for 12 years now - Just remember to remove them before...