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  1. ptschram

    We all know I'm an idiot

    But how do I edit my signature line?
  2. ptschram

    RIP Muskyman

    Apparently Thom passed away earlier today as a result of brain cancer. Godspeed my friend, Godspeed.
  3. ptschram

    Mega-Squirt interest/group buy sorta

    Cross-posted in Vendors area Gentlemen and ladies I am now an authorized distributor of Mega-Squirt products. As some of you no doubt are aware, Mega-Squirt is the first and basically the only open-source, DIY full-function stand-alone engine management system. Gone are the days of soldering...
  4. ptschram

    Blocks and heads needed for a science project

    Gentlemen: Now that I have a little time to do something other than work 24/7 and not earn enough to keep a roof over my head, I'm trying to put some of my crazy ideas into action. If you have a block with liners gone bad, a block with big gaping holes in the side, blocks with cracks, etc, I...
  5. ptschram

    Dominic Perodeau, Scarlett Perodeau, Global British-THIEVES

    Yes, tell me I'm stupid. Dominic and Scarlett stole $990 from me that I gave them for parts that they never sent me. They are being investigated by the Canadian authorities and I hope they are eventually prosecuted for being the thieving bastards they are.
  6. ptschram

    Do I buy it or not... '94 LWB

    My very first Rover client has come to me asking me to buy his '94 LWB. Pretty well maintained. Rusted brake lines. White, shows some crash damage that occurred loong ago and was fixed pretty well. Less rusty than most around here. Sometimes it is harder than others to be strong.
  7. ptschram

    How do I get RAVE files onto my iPad?

    Yeah, I know, it's simple, but I am an Apple idiot. Love the platforms but not too good at going beyond point and click, er, whatever.
  8. ptschram

    PT's diagnostic tip of the day. Figure this one out.

    I think the last time we hadone of these exercises, Perrone might have been involved. Wife's DII. 2001 MY, little more than 100K on it. Fairly well maintained (it's her truck, not mine, I have to take care of it). Yesterday, she hits the brakes hard, engine hiccups. Low power, drive on to...
  9. ptschram

    New DII power steering pump

    New, AllMakes. $295 shipped UPS CONUS. MasterCard/Visa. No paypal, I'm a deadbeat:D
  10. ptschram

    Range Rover CLassic center console-Gray

    I need a center console for a client's truck, gray color. I also need the seat switch buckets as well-in gray.
  11. ptschram

    I need some iMac help.

    My 90-year old father who used to be on the cutting edge of all technology bought an iMac recently. He is having problems with operating Safari. Is there anyone who'd be willing to give him ten minutes of phone help with this? I'm sure that someone who knew the application could set him...
  12. ptschram

    It was a lotta fun guys. Thanx!

    I don't know if it's gonna be permanent, but it sure looks like it's gonna be. Until further notice, I will not be accepting new clients or shipping parts. The Snap-On gig has proven to be more profitable and far more time consuming than I had expected and there just are not enough hours in...
  13. ptschram

    I bought a new truck. A diesel no less.

    OK, it has a few thousand miles on it, it's still pretty new.
  14. ptschram

    Who was it that needed DII Diff plugs?

    I've finally got them but lost the e-mails.
  15. ptschram

    L322 pre-charge pump

    Part number SRM000020. This is the pump directly adjacent to the master cylinder. Need one pretty much ASAP.
  16. ptschram

    Series III 109, Stage One

    As hard as it is, I have an opportunity to take advantage of, but it requires me to sell my beloved 109. It is VINed as a 1974, however, given it having a V8, I suspect it is really a 1979. Approximately 60K miles-the Km odometer reads 01001. Left-hand drive. I'm asking $12,500, OBO. I have...
  17. ptschram

    Why do I answer the phone when the caller ID says "restricted" or worse?

    Today's episode involved a guy wanting to know if I could make a key for a "full-size Range Rover". He hung up when I asked who I was speaking with and that I could have a key made, but needed substantiation of ownership, pre-payment, the VIN and the truck. :banghead:
  18. ptschram

    My Rangie trail rig build continues with Tubeapalooza!

    After a great weekend with everyone's friend AFIRover, my Rangie is getting there.
  19. ptschram

    DII front driveshaft issues, amazing how quickly they come on

    My wife sends me an e-mail this morning telling me there is a problem with her truck. A vibration at about 40 MPH that goes away as speed increases. Sent the kid to get the truck, rode with him for a few hundred feet. Yep, pretty obvious. The point here is that she drives this truck every day...
  20. ptschram

    "I" was the voice of reason?

    Ok kids, I don't give a rats ass what you do outside of Discoweb, but don't use this site to plan attacks on others, no matter how lame their site may be. This thread is closed. LOFL! Now that I look at it, Axel misspelled his own website!:rofl: