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  1. German Gruner

    Does your D1 have a plastic battery tray liner?

    Do old RR have this plastic tray? I think plastic battery tray is a 21 century thing almost for land rover models...
  2. German Gruner

    4WD not working

    I'm afraid this spare part may be the solution, but before buying it, may be convenient to simply measure resistance between ABS connector's yellow wire and ground with an ohmmeter. If that value is zero, another is the problem and you have to try to read codes with $54 still in hand Regards
  3. German Gruner

    D1 alarm going off

    This is a lock spring issue. May be your door actuator is good! Regards
  4. German Gruner

    4WD not working

    Search for "3 amigos" in the forum. This is an ABS typical trouble. It is an additional issue more related with brakes. 4WD should still working. Regards
  5. German Gruner

    Another 04 question

    TC is an extrapolation of ABS work. When a wheel is turning at higher speed, ABS modulator pumps brake fluid to its brake caliper and brakes this wheel. During this braking, TC light is on. In this way is intended to help an open diff, not to loss turn from axle opposite wheel. With relative...
  6. German Gruner

    DRL 2004 D2

    You mean, DRL off and relays connections thru ignition... Regards
  7. German Gruner

    4WD not working

    Are you sure both front wheels are spinning at the same time? Ussualy when stuck you can see one front and opposite rear . Has your Disco central diff locking ? Regards
  8. German Gruner

    2000 D2

    Did You check diff pinion for axial play? Regards
  9. German Gruner

    DRL 2004 D2

    Hi, in order to accomplish domestic laws, I made BCU settings with a Nanocom to get main beams as daily running lights. With this setting, lights are on seconds after engine start, if in neutral, or after taking lever out of parking position. This is enough to drive in the whole country... at...
  10. German Gruner

    lock-up clutch 2004 D2

    1964, I was born that year... But I'm lucky because my Td5 is a little bit newer, haha!
  11. German Gruner

    2000 D2

    May be front propshaft with its double hooke's joint. Agree with zerk fittings Regards
  12. German Gruner

    lock-up clutch 2004 D2

    I define myself as a newbie with automatic gearboxes, because I made the most of my driving with manual gearboxes. Recently I did a trip with my TD5 auto D2 and suffered from a gearbox temp light when doing great slopes with great height. This is, from 2400 meters to 4300 meters, for instance. I...
  13. German Gruner

    R380 input shaft play

    You can get this rattle out by changing the small UKC8L bearing, that joins input- with mainshaft. Regards
  14. German Gruner

    Wading Plug - V8/R380

    Its code is 3290, but i think wading hole is only present in old V8's. My 300 TDI has its 2 holes, but in my experience is better to use them plugged, and periodically to inspect them. Difference between clutch chambers with dust and plugged ones is great.
  15. German Gruner

    2019 Pinamar meeting

    A little summary [Youtube] Happy new year!
  16. German Gruner

    5 - speed transmission oil cooler?

    No D1's did have a cooler. UK or ROW. Only D2' with Td5 or V8 engines are equipped with. And some of them didn't. As they aren't automatic gearboxes don't include some engine outlast burning periods and heat is not a great trouble. My 98 300TDI is now 300.000km old, i did a complete...
  17. German Gruner

    What else is in the battery box

    In my Td5 is an engine ECU to find, between battery and jack. All these items are covered by the same plastic cap. Regards
  18. German Gruner

    DI discouraged

    D1's door handles have no trouble with snow. First winter with a D2 and discovered what a better previous design... D2 Original bumpers can 't be considered to last more than a week. D1's cubby box has room for a lot of things. D2's cubby box is Nanocom's place. I love them, but if i needed to...
  19. German Gruner

    DI Brakes Just Not Good Enough

    Make a servo diaphragm test. You can hear if it is leaking. A very very little hole reduces its boost and you feel poor brake effect. Regards
  20. German Gruner

    Rear door child lock hack

    If you already removed all cargo door trim, you will be able to hook this "thing" or lever from door inside, right side from lock. You still need a piece of wire. Regards