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  1. CORover

    No Start

    So after I got the wipers worked out, I decided to support my local tap room and go by some crowlers of local brew. I had fun driving there hitting snowbanks, piles of snow, deep slushy water and generally driving it like the General Lee. I got there no problem, no issues. Parked, went inside...
  2. CORover

    Wiper Motor Connection

    During the height of a big spring snowstorm last Thursday the wipers in my 99D1 failed. I had to continue the drive without them and considering how wet and slushy it was, that was not easy. I did some online research and and looked at my shop manual and decided to tear into it last Friday...
  3. CORover

    Politics forum is closed

    Will this work?
  4. CORover

    D1 Engine Oil Cooler line thread size

    DEI makes some great heat shield products.
  5. CORover

    Help with Front window not working right

    Vehicle? In keeping with the theme of brevity.
  6. CORover

    Does your D1 have a plastic battery tray liner?

    96 and 99 here, never had one. I did have one short battery that had a snap on stand on the bottom I used.
  7. CORover

    New radiator and Thermostat

    Check out the several bleed threads here, sounds familiar.
  8. CORover

    Need advice. All opinions welcome

    I bought a 99 w/ 130k on it for 3 grand 6 months ago. I looked for 3 to 6 months to find it. Leaks oil, don't they all. No rust and I am slowly going through the small mechanical issues it has. It is my DD now.
  9. CORover

    Is this swivel ball reusable?

    Depending on the fluid or grease you use, you might get some seepage. Just keep an eye on it and replace when it gets bad.
  10. CORover

    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    Threadjack... I was going to start a new thread but thought it fit here and would keep it all in one place. This exercise got me wondering why my 99 sounded like a jet taking off. Last night I swapped in a spare stock coupler and fan assembly I had laying around and the sound was much better...
  11. CORover

    D1 Head Unit - Cassette Belt Routing

    Nobody said anything about tapes yet!
  12. CORover

    Strange Growling Noise Discovery 2

    Belt Tensioner pulley and bearings
  13. CORover

    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    My current DD fan whines like a jet during take off. I wonder if this one would make a better sound or the earlier Discovery equivalent?
  14. CORover

    Opinions on Tires

    What's your suspension to fit those meats?
  15. CORover

    Modifying a D1 SD rack to fit a D90?

    It's all about proportions to make it look right. My D1 rack only has 4 connection points to the roof rail, this has 5. Then you need to look at the basket size compared to the roof of the vehicle it is going on. The wings for the attachment points could change as long as the basket looks...
  16. CORover

    Modifying a D1 SD rack to fit a D90?

    DWeb is back! Its been a while.
  17. CORover

    2020 Defender
  18. CORover

    Riddle me this?

    While you are checking shocks, check your steering damper, not sure if it has one, shoiuld be like a D1. I have replaced several only to find that it did not fix the issue, but it is always first on the list of things to check.
  19. CORover

    GEMS Reader App Crashing before finishing :(

    Mine will run at 900 or so at startup when the battery needs a charge. It comes down after I drive off or when the proper volts are reached.
  20. CORover

    GEMS Reader App Crashing before finishing :(

    How does this app compare to Torque and other passive readers?