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    Does your D1 have a plastic battery tray liner?

    Every car I've owned, with the exception of my two D1's, has had some sort of battery tray liner that the battery rests on. Obviously my trucks have passed through many hands and these components have disappeared. Does anyone have an image or source for what I assume is the battery tray liner...
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    D1 Head Unit - Cassette Belt Routing

    All, Do any of you have an image or access to a working D1 head unit? I need to know how to route a cassette belt as mine has snapped. Should be pretty simple, but an image would save me a lot of time and effort.
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    Working D1 Head Unit

    Looking for an intact and working D1 head unit. I believe I need to the lowline version (tweeters in A pillar, front door speakers, C pillar speakers, cargo door sub, and floor 6 disc). Needs to have radio code supplied in order to confirm I can unlock on my end. Face plate must be undamaged.
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    Low to Mid Speed Bucking - CDL Applied and Open

    All, I've been chasing down some rather frustrating issues with my 5spd D1. I regularly encounter bucking in 1st-3rd gear in high range when transitioning from on throttle to off throttle. This is always accompanied with requisite engine fluctuations (100-300 RPM). I.e. off throttle down RPM...
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    Wading Plug - V8/R380

    All, According to the diagram below there should be a wading plug for the flywheel housing on V8/r380 Discovery 1's. However, I have been unable to find a part number for this piece. In fact I have only uncovered the wading plug for the TDI models. More confusingly I crawled under my truck this...
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    Sleeping in a D1 - How would you do it?

    Been searching up and down and found very little on a sleeping platform for inside a D1. I’m about 6’ 1” and 190lbs but based on some measurements I’ve taken it looks like removing the passenger seat is my only real option. Was considering some sort of folding table to rest on the center console...
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    LT230 - Removal How-To or Tips and Tricks?

    All, Looking for a write-up on LT230 removal. Specifically for a D1, although I assume the D2 is similar. Have access to the RAVE, but the images and instructions are pretty basic. Also looking for advice for my first attempt. Thanks.
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    No Communication - SRS Module

    Has anyone successfully transplanted a SRS module from one D1 to another? Are they VIN locked/do they require additional programming? Trying to avoid a visit to a dealer or third party shop to have the SRS light diagnosed further. Especially when the module is so accessible under the center console.
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    Pulling Parts Car Transfer Case - What would you touch while it's out?

    Hey guys, About to pull a transfer case out of my parts truck to swap into my driver D1. The driver has some gear whine and backlash issues (fairly worn) while the parts truck case has about 50k miles less on it. While I have it out on the bench what would you guys suggest touching? A full DIY...
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    New in package Drive Axle Flanges for D1, RRC, or Defender

    Save yourself some the shipping from Great Britain or the mark up from the US vendors and buy these two extra flanges that I no longer need. Neither has been opened and they are just sitting in my garage collecting dust. List price from Bearmach for the pair is ~$50 plus shipping. I'll let them...
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    Probable Cracked Block... Who do you buy your engines from?

    As the title says I have a potentially cracked block, which I hope to be verifying soon via the motorcarsltd tester kit (assuming they still rent them). Assuming it is the worst case and a head gasket job won't suffice... Which of the following would you do? Recommendations on vendors would also...
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    LT230 - Quality US Vendor?

    All, Is there a reputable company located in the US who provides quality refurbished LT230s? I'm familiar with Ashcroft, but would prefer not to pay the shipping from England and forfeit a core charge. Anyone have experience with a specific vendor and was happy with the results? Thanks.
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    D1 - 5spd - Interesting Speedometer/CC Question

    All, 1996 D1 5spd - I have two issues which, according to my read of the electrical diagram for NAS Manual trucks, are most likely related. My cruise control is not working and neither is my speedometer. It is important to note that my odometer is functioning correctly. While troubleshooting...
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    Intermittent Speedometer - Consistent Speed Output on Ultragauge

    All, My speedometer functions approximately once every 10 drives and when it does work springs into action once in double digit speeds. When this occurs the speedometer works until the vehicle is turned off and then generally fails to function on the next drive, regardless of time between...
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    Leak From Seam Between Safari Window and Rear Quarter Glass

    All, I had the headliner out of my D1 to repair the sunroof drains and noticed a strange leak coming from a seam directly below the safari window and the rear quarter panel on the RH side. Normally I would suspect a failed safari window seal, however I was able to eliminate this using a garden...
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    D1 - Tachometer Non-Functional, Jumps with Headlights

    All, I have an interesting question for you today. My 1996 D1 (5spd) is currently experiencing an issue where my tach does not work at all. At idle, in gear, I do not see any movement regardless. However, when I turn the light stalk to parking lights the needle jumps to just below 1000 RPM and...
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    1996 Land Rover Discovery 1

    1996 Land Rover Discovery 1 (2018-01-23 16:22:27)