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    please remove

    Please remove
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    V6 LR3 Atlantic British OME coil spring conversion

    Just got the LR3 sitting up tall. Atlantic British told me that their OME spring conversion kit wouldn?t work with our V6 LR3(don?t know why).. I scoured the internet and found one person who had it done on their V6.. I had the kit installed today instead of trying to tackle in my garage, took...
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    1959 Series ..not mine

    Craigslist find
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    Limo service John Wayne Airport To Anaheim?

    I've never been to CA before and bringing the family out later this year. Want to surprise them with a limo at the airport (SNA) to our hotel in Anaheim. Anyone have any companies or friends in the know out there? Thanks in advance!
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    Anyone have a 2010 supercharged Range Rover complete engine?

    Looking for supercharged Range Rover engine for a friends 2010, anyone have any leads? Needed in Knoxville TN but just seeing if anyone knows of one. Thanks!
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    1 dope ride... Sent from my iPhone He's put 16k in the last two months alone. Holy crap what's dude been smoking?:eek:
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    Warn Hawse Fairlead for synthetic line

    It has part number ZM 87631 stamped on the back of it, but it looks just like the Warn 87914. It is polished aluminum and says use Warn synthetic rope only on top of it. My picture is too large to load but looks just like 87914 here on the Warn page...
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    What in the world is going on with this?? Strange, that's all I can say.. strange
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    P38 news Rover rear ended Cadillac and crashed through daycare in Kansas City
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    Way off topic, selling a huge copy machine

    Hello all, I've got a large heavy copy machine that I need to get rid of sooner than later. It's a Panasonic DP-6030, weighs approximately 300 pounds. This is a used machine that came from my wife's business that was closed down last year. I've looked doing a quick google search and it seems...
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    Does anyone have replacement procedures for a V6 LR3 alternator replacement?

    A link to some pdfs or something of the sort? Have to replace the alternator tonight and I'm sure we'll make it through just don't know what all I need to remove to remove the alternator. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Looking for a Kid's bicycle and could use some help

    I've been out of the bicycle world for some time, still hanging onto my 1997 or so Haro Mountain bike. I'm looking for a bike for my son, 7 years old, fairly tall for his age. Prerequisites are NO coaster brake 20" bike, with either single gear or capability of locking him into a gear. He's...
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    Codes P0108 and P0069

    Already sent P.T. a message but thought I would put it out here as well. 2006 LR3 V6 getting p0108 and p0069 codes. Starts up, then sputters and dies unless you rev it up a bit. Seems to run ok otherwise, hasn't died yet while driving/sitting at lights, et al. Quick search says MAP sensor...
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    iPhone case

    I just switched over to the dark side and got an iPhone 4S, need a case asap. What's out there? I've seen Otterbox products and like them.. don't want any kind of belt clip or anything like that, just a case. Thought I'd ask here while searching them innerwebs. Thanks in advance.
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    dad arrested because 4 yr old drew picture of gun That's some craziness right there.
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    I've got a V6 Toyota Landrover for sale

    Yet again.. pure genius at work
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    Rare '03 Disco HSE G4 with hood upgrade!

    People kill me with their ignorance
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    Old Man in a van vs. my company truck, another car, and a building

    Came into work to find my truck smashed this morning.. Old dude in the office next to us went crashing through the parking lot like a ping pong ball in the Safari van in the background.. ended up in the other building across the way...
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    Up In Smoke Short term Rover owner
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    Suggestions for where to buy custom embroidered logo hats

    Anyone have a place they can recommend? Looking to get some hats made up for work and was curious if anyone here had a place they could suggest.. Thanks in advance.