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  1. German Gruner

    DRL 2004 D2

    Hi, in order to accomplish domestic laws, I made BCU settings with a Nanocom to get main beams as daily running lights. With this setting, lights are on seconds after engine start, if in neutral, or after taking lever out of parking position. This is enough to drive in the whole country... at...
  2. German Gruner

    lock-up clutch 2004 D2

    I define myself as a newbie with automatic gearboxes, because I made the most of my driving with manual gearboxes. Recently I did a trip with my TD5 auto D2 and suffered from a gearbox temp light when doing great slopes with great height. This is, from 2400 meters to 4300 meters, for instance. I...
  3. German Gruner

    2019 Pinamar meeting

    A little summary [Youtube] Happy new year!
  4. German Gruner

    Our "30 Years Discovery" meeting

    It toke place last weekend in Buenos Aires. Estancia don Juan images share
  5. German Gruner

    A weekend in Reta

    On Easter weekend we decided together with other land rover friends to travel to lonely beaches of Reta. It was an opportunity to dust off our dear D1's. What fun it is to play with them! I made a video that I share with you here I hope you enjoy it Regards
  6. German Gruner

    The six tausends

    Hello, I'm going to add some photos to share the immense landscapes, which we enjoyed during a trip to "the seismiles". It is a place where all the mountains that surround us have all above 6000 meters. Also a bit off road, we made several interesting trips A view of the Rioja plain from the...
  7. German Gruner

    Front bumper fixing

    2004 Facelifted D2 standard plastic bumper. There are 3 holes in order to fasten plastic bumper sheet with screws to lower protrusion bar ABY100000. I found there only one screw type DYP100770L ...and I added the other two. After months I see that those two added screws disappeared. I'd like...
  8. German Gruner

    D2: Using climate control turning fan blower off.

    Just seeking for, I found how to finally give a little bit rest to my fan motor. As i didn't found this feature in user manual, i share how to do this. Maybe someone already wanted to stop that motor but resigned after not achieve it ... Regards
  9. German Gruner

    Autoclasica 2018 - 70 years Land Rover

    Hi, local Classic Cars Clubs meet each year at Autoclasica - expo. This year we were asked to participate with models of our loved brand in a state "as standard as possible", to commemorate Land Rover's 70 years. Local representative did not want to participate, so everything we see was done by...
  10. German Gruner

    Cerro ASPERO, C?rdoba (Arg)

    Hi, I try to share a nice video from a mate here. A week ago several of the group traveled 800km with five Defenders to visit Cerro Aspero. There is a very abandoned road to reach facilities of an old-closed in the 60's- tungsten mine. 3 days of difficulty road, accompanied by a drone that...
  11. German Gruner

    Snow here in the south

    Hi, just returned from a couple of days enjoying snow in Villa Pehuenia with some LR friends. I share some images Cutral-Co Zapala Pino Hachado, going along with Litr?n river. Next morning... Batea Mahuida...
  12. German Gruner

    D2 key stuck

    Just a question regarding key switch. As i'm not used to use NAS spec D2. A friend just received a wrecked NAS D2, complete with her keyfob inserted in its drum. He tried to take it out but it's stuck there... Are NAS drums different to UK spec drums, it' necessary to turn or to press key in...
  13. German Gruner

    Exhaust support rubber

    Just a question about part ESR3172. After a complete gearbox job, one of the 3 rubber supports broke. I bought a similar support at the corner shop, indicated for Ford Escort-Ford Sierra. But as I like to have my Disco just like the day she left production line, and the few problems that it has...
  14. German Gruner

    6100 km trip thru patagonic Andes w/rooftent

    Hi, I want to share some pictures of our vacation trip, departing from Buenos Aires to Route 40 and this route south bordering Andes on east side, then crossing west to fjord zone, up north by road combined with Ferry . Marble cathedrals, erosion phenomenon by sulphurous waters Rainy...
  15. German Gruner

    Coolant expansion tank D2

    Hi, is D2 expansion tank used to develop cracks ? I changed it 4 years ago because i found one small crack and now I detected a little crack in the same point starting to leak. No overheating, no overpressure. Thanks in advance Regards
  16. German Gruner

    Yearly Pinamar meeting 2017

    Hello! Back home, I wanted to share some Images from our meeting in Pinamar, Argentina Here we must point out perfect attendance of Pablo, with his Series3, he took the recognition of group with a gift: the picture of Rodo Santacrocce Silent Ma?anitas in campsite Quimey Lemu Oldest one...
  17. German Gruner

    Two Discos thru Argentinean Andes

    Thanks umlaut over "u" at my user name there was a lot of time I couldn't access to Dweb in order to share some trip experiences. I hope you enjoy these trip summaries North West 18 tausend foot mountains
  18. German Gruner

    Questions about outdoor trip

    Hello, I am sure that few know me here, although I participate in DiscoWeb since 2000, when my 1998 Disco was almost new. I usually travel with my family to natural areas of my country and enjoyed camping, sometimes with our roof tent. I will have the possibility to have a month to travel to USA...
  19. German Gruner

    Intangible :: 2003 Land Rover Discovery TD5 HSE

    Abolladita :: 1998 Land Rover Discovery TDI (2015-11-10 14:15:18)
  20. German Gruner

    Abolladita :: 1998 Land Rover Discovery TDI

    Abolladita :: 1998 Land Rover Discovery TDI (2015-11-10 14:14:57)