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  1. eburrows

    Adjusting Rear Door

    Do as 4Runner suggests, and be just as careful with that jack. I went a bit too far, and crushed the slider a bit. Now the door has much more resistance to opening/closing.
  2. eburrows

    Low voltage to fuel pump

    Also check the fuse, and grounding for the pump. If it's the positive wire that's bad, due to a break or corrosion, you might have to string a new one.
  3. eburrows

    Help with Front window not working right

    I've never had problems with lubrication of the window guides, but I have had the little rollers inside the scissor mechanism explode, and the axle grinds, binding the mechanism. Solution is a new regulator.
  4. eburrows

    Help with Front window not working right

    Rick, you're going to have to give more details for anyone to help. Where did you measure 12v? On the connector to the motor? What pins? Did you check fuses? Did you check the switch? If you un-bolt the window from the regulator arm, does it move freely?
  5. eburrows

    Just lost all brakes...

    Check the linkage from the pedal to the master cyl. Is it still connected? If you pump it a bunch, does the fluid level go down?
  6. eburrows

    One click won’t start 2002 Discovery

    It's very often helpful to have a half-decent decent Battery Tester Checking relays isn't hard, but takes patience and wires, batteries, alligator clips, and 3 arms. Just buy a few extra and swap out the ignition one.
  7. eburrows

    Deleting the throttle body heater

    My mechanic disconnected my throttle body heater years ago, and it's been fine, but it's always been a little irritating itch in the back of my mind. I travel in the Sierra a lot, and have a family... So I ordered the brass upgrade kit. $80 over a lifetime is nothing. There's a challenge in...
  8. eburrows

    Sun visor clip on thingiverse

    I'm printing a wheel cap cover I found just today. If it fits, I'll ask it be added to the above collection. I'd suggest you do the same once you're done. In another 20 years, we'll all be grateful!
  9. eburrows

    Sun visor clip on thingiverse

    Also note a growing collection of Discovery parts, including useful stuff like center console switch cover, cup holder insert, rain gutter ends, etc:
  10. eburrows

    Sun visor clip on thingiverse

    I couldn't bring myself to spend $20 each on replacement sun visor clips (again) so I designed some for 3D printing and put it on thingiverse: It's not economical for me to print these to order, but you can get them made from various print shops online...
  11. eburrows

    How long after computer clears for smog?

    If you disconnected the battery to fix the CPS, the ECU will likely have to re-run the entire emissions readiness test sequence. An ODB2 reader (I use Torque) will tell you if it's finished.
  12. eburrows

    Winch shackle, why?

    Ha, I love this place (some times). A dumb technical question/observation, and 24 hrs later 10 responses ranging from technical analysis to societal judgments. Pretty sure I'm just going to cut off the crappy non-latched hook that came with my crappy winch, and not replace it with anything. 😁...
  13. eburrows

    Winch shackle, why?

    Ok, this might seem like a dumb question, but... Why put a hook or ring on the end of our winch cable at all? For those of us still using wire, it's got a crimped loop which you could put a shackle on when connecting to a tree strap, etc. Other than some UV protection for the synthetic ropes...
  14. eburrows

    Transmission leaking badly - options...

    Yes, that shaft extends 5-6 inches from the end of the transmission. It's got a little give to it, but you don't want the t-case (~60lbs dry) hanging on it.
  15. eburrows

    RESOLVED: Replaced CPS - D2 Won’t start - battery ok, starter ok

    I agree with Brad, a dead/dying fuel pump could behave this way. I've gone through 3-4 in my truck's 19 years.
  16. eburrows

    RESOLVED: Replaced CPS - D2 Won’t start - battery ok, starter ok

    Is the engine turning over (ie. is the starter turning it?) Gas?
  17. eburrows

    Transmission leaking badly - options...

    bradartigue, I applaud your spirit, and I'm sure you can do it, but it's a PITA. I just pulled my t-case and transmission for the first time as well (partially to replace the same seal), and while it's doable... ugh. Biggest pain is getting the t-case on and off without smashing the drive...
  18. eburrows

    Just installed the short block. Now the crank won't spin.

    You might have (as I just did) installed the flex plate and it's retaining ring/big washer installed in reverse order. The smaller ring goes on top, not underneath. I swapped mine, and it was fine. I was worried about having crushed something, but so far, so good.
  19. eburrows

    Repair leaking oil cooler hose?

    After my engine/t-case rebuild (it runs!!!!), of the four oil cooler lines, two were leaking. The worst was the transmission oil line above. Last night I used my electrical terminal crimper (big hydraulic crimper) to give it just a bit more squeeze, and that actually solved the transmission line...