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  1. Maximumwarp

    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    Fan clutch on my 99 D2 crapped out, so I figured I’d try one of the slightly beefier Hayden units, a 2781. It is too large in diameter to fit the fan properly, but I’ve seen numerous threads that describe the 2781 being a drop-in replacement (same for the 2991, which has the same diameter as the...
  2. Maximumwarp

    Rear view mirror

    Is there a place that sells the metal tabs that the rear view mirror attaches to the windshield with? My windshield has none (mirror was missing) and I have what I think is a correct D2 mirror. Haven?t been able to find the correct metal tab locally.
  3. Maximumwarp

    WTB: Rutland Red D2 body panels

    Looking for the whole left side. Fender, both doors, and quarter/D-pillar (with quarter glass intact). Alternatively, if you have a truck that's otherwise toast, but with a clean left side, I'd come haul the whole thing away.
  4. Maximumwarp

    GEMS P38 Alternator

    I'm looking for the alternator upgrade to my 97 D1, which I believe is the 120 amp P38 Magnetti Marelli version. If a pulley swap is necessary for this, I'd need the correct pulley (my truck is sans-alternator currently). I also need the mounting bolts.
  5. Maximumwarp

    ISO: D1 y-pipe

    I need a complete y-pipe with good cats for my 97 (have to pass emissions since I'm in metro Atlanta). Would prefer one with O2 sensors included if possible. I'm willing to drive a decent ways for pickup because I know shipping these is a pain, but if you have ready access to pallet materials...
  6. Maximumwarp

    ABS Amigo, $75

    Sticker on the front is a little faded, but otherwise it's in perfect working order. $75 shipped CONUS.
  7. Maximumwarp

    2000 d2

    It's time for me to move on from this truck. Below is as detailed a list as I can put together. No overheating issues (see picture of digital temp gauge), AC/heat works, no lights on dash. Exhaust is straight piped, but cats are present. Truck passes emissions (last test in December). I can text...
  8. Maximumwarp

    One 265/75R16 BFG KO

    This was my spare tire. I've had it about a year and a half (DOT date 2614) and it was only used once, for a cpl of miles off-road at Windrock. Otherwise excellent, barely worn shape. Comes with tacticool, amateurishly spray painted black wheel. I'll dismount it if you really want me to, but I'd...
  9. Maximumwarp

    Sae 2016

    This year the SOLAROS event is moving to a new date and location. Mark your calendars for November 11-13th. The event will be held on private land in Ranger, GA, just outside of Jasper (roughly an hour North of Atlanta). There will be an open field camping area with plenty of room. Trails are...
  10. Maximumwarp

    Bye bye camshafts

    On the one hand, this could be such an awesome technology. On the other hand, there is so much that could go wrong and be very expensive to fix.
  11. Maximumwarp

    Transfer case (?) noise

    Last trip I took, I noticed a pretty horrendous noise coming from under the truck. It would happen when I would come off a trail and drive on a paved road after unlocking the CDL. Seemed to coincide with the CDL finally disengaging (it takes it a little while sometimes). By that, I mean that...
  12. Maximumwarp

    AB trailer wiring kit for D2

    I've got one of these for sale. It was installed on my truck for about a year, but never actually used. It's a little dusty, but I'll polish it up before I send it to you. $70 shipped CONUS.
  13. Maximumwarp

    Bilstein 7100 hose replacement

    Due to my own carelessness when I did the install, the hose for the remote reservoir on my passenger rear shock has been rubbing against the edge of the wheel well. As a result, it has a hole worn in it and it's skeeting oil everywhere. Is this something that I can get replaced at any old...
  14. Maximumwarp

    Memorial Day at Windrock

    Taking a trip to Windrock OHV park on Memorial Day weekend. Right now just 2 Discos and possibly a Heep from the Atlanta area, but anyone else is welcome to join. We plan to drive up Friday night after work, wheel Saturday and Sunday, then come back Monday. Camping, not staying in the snazzy...
  15. Maximumwarp

    White D2 body parts

    I need to make some room, so the parts truck is going to the scrap yard soon. 2000 SD. Neither mine nor my friend's truck is white, so if anyone in the Atlanta area needs white body panels, drop me a line. Obviously the D-pillar is fucked, but most everything else is in good shape. I can deliver...
  16. Maximumwarp

    Vehicle gun "holster"

    Anyone ever seen one of these? Seems like a pretty neat idea to me, cleaner than strapping an actual holster somewhere.
  17. Maximumwarp

    Automotive Technician(s) wanted

    Trying to cast the net as wide as possible here. I know most folks aren't in Atlanta, but Chris's little login map of the US had a pretty strong showing for our area, so I figured it was worth a shot. I'm in need of techs at my shop. It's fleet service, as you'll see at the link. Location is...
  18. Maximumwarp

    D2 y-pipe

    Anyone know a good source for D2 y-pipe assemblies? I cracked my driver's side cat open on a rock, and the same impact cracked the weld at the y-pipe flange under the manifold. I tried to patch them, but no luck, so I'm gonna have to swap the whole mess.
  19. Maximumwarp

    EVAP drive cycle?

    So, the truck failed an emissions check the other day. According to the printout, it specifically failed a "Readiness" test. The critter running the booth said that was most likely because I either had the battery disconnected or cleared codes recently. The latter is true, I had a hole in the...
  20. Maximumwarp

    D2 rear bumper cap

    I need a driver's side rear bumper cap, the small corner piece that I'm holding in this picture. Please and thank you.