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    TPS replacement and value reset–-installation-and-diagnostic-notes/?doing_wp_cron=1585351134.2328519821166992187500 also relevant, make sure it rises smoothly. if this fails ask the TVR nerds on pistonheads, they’ve forgot more about stuff about the 14CUX...
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    TPS replacement and value reset

    like said above test the potentiometer to see if it sweeps the full range. could be doa
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    interior cylinders steam cleaned = cracked block. every. single. time.
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    workaround is simply to flush when cold
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    Pour in as many times as needed, just thoroughly flush the cooling system after any successful application.
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    Clearly that "rebuild" was junk. If they used flanged\o-ringed sleeves like most reputable people do, a crack in the cylinder wall should be a non-issue. 03-04 4.6s supposedly used the sloppiest built blocks but regardless of that any 89-2004 3.9-4.6 engine can crack if overheated bad. Try and...
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    if you're feeling a little scheisty, why not both?
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    WTB 3.9 round plug TPS for 95 d1

    get the colvern conversion
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    Definitely time to try and seal it up then.
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    Absolutely, the big bore V8 blocks do NOT like being overheated. The two interior cylinders on each bank (3,4,5,6) are the ones that suffer the most and if found to be steamed cleaned, it's a cracked block. Probably because...
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    220,000 miles Disco 2 power loss

    verify fuel pressure and good vacuum otherwise it sounds like your cam has seen better days.
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    LED third brake light in a Classic

    brand new ally
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    LR had to buy out their frame supplier that was going bust sometime around 2001. D1 and RRC bodies rust to pieces but their frames are pretty resilient.
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    Brake hose life span

    whenever they start leaking
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    Coolant reservoir

    price doubled overnight, all the non-venting designs got pulled from eBay. 🤔
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    DI discouraged

    pot metal door handles from the marina. LOL
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    Ponder this question? 2004 Discovery 2 gets maybe 14MPG

    The M113 has much more advanced engine management, better gearing and yours probably isn’t AWD. Can’t speak for the thor engine but the older distributor engines ran extra rich. Side note: my CLS55 weighs almost as much as my old LWB and still gets 13 mpg while on the boost 24/7.
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    D2 wheel bearings

    OE is 160 pounds from Paddock, shitpart is 1/3 that. eBay hub should do the job and is cheaper than all other possible options. I’ve never had a problem with bottom barrel parts either.
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    DI discouraged

    I prefer not building at all lol, I have an RRC so I have to deal with the rover front end anyways. The point is that the D2 is cheaper to build and has better fit and finish. Brake job on those is also a walk in the park...