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  1. Howski

    Will 2020 be the last Defender

    All auto manufacturers are going to take a hit during this. I could get the lower end of the LR line being more impacted than the top end. That bartender or waitress at the nice restaurant who’s been out of work the past few weeks isn’t able to over extend themselves to lease a Disco Sport anymore
  2. Howski

    ARB roof rack options

    There’s a group called Urban Offroad with a nice looking half rack though I’m unsure of quality and have not seen one in person
  3. Howski

    ARB roof rack options

    I do not believe there is but you may want to reach out to them. Are you looking for a full length rack? There are a few half rack options out there too
  4. Howski

    Safety Recall on Harbor Freight's Pittsburgh 3Ton & 6Ton stands

    I bought my 6 ton’s back in 03’. I’m golden I think
  5. Howski

    07 LR3 Gap IIDTOOL help

    It should read out and be able to scroll through what the different codes are
  6. Howski

    Extreme E Racing

    The Formula E of off road racing. I’ll keep an eye on it but Ive had a hard time getting into electric racing, with the exception of the LMP-H glory days
  7. Howski

    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    I’m very jealous of all you (seemingly all of DiscoWeb) who still has a full head of hair. I started balding the second I hit 25. At least I haven’t had wait for the barber to open for a haircut..
  8. Howski

    Lucky 8 cat back exhaust?

    That janky RX7 swerving across the street looks like it rode pretty good
  9. Howski

    Lucky 8 cat back exhaust?

    It’s just for decoration that’s it and that’s all.
  10. Howski

    Front EAS leak -

    Think I solved my problem due to my own stupidity. Went for a drive yesterday and got an EAS light, ‘Pressure increases when system inactive’. Did some digging and determined I installed the two lines wrong on the side of the block. Installed the lines correctly and didn’t drop a bit in 24...
  11. Howski

    Front EAS leak -

    I think we’re referring to the same thing in the ‘corner valve’ and ‘valve block’ for the front which I rebuild then replaced with a brand new one and had the same result. The fuses I am pulling are F35, F3e, F26e which control EAS and disable the ‘self leveling’ while sitting. It’s my...
  12. Howski

    Front EAS leak -

    Stew, the method I mentioned in removing the fuses for the EAS accomplished this in isolating the front portion of the system and disable the ‘auto-leveling’. My initial thought was the front block was leaking back into the reservoir. The rebuild involves replacing all the O-rings inside the...
  13. Howski

    Front EAS leak -

    I have a small (1/2” per day) leak coming from the front suspension. With EAS fuses pulled it drops evenly across the front end, the rear doesn’t drop at all. Rebuilt valve block, same result. Had read several places valve blocks can leak back into the system so I put in a new block. Again...
  14. Howski

    white smoke

    Hate to pile on but was there a reason you didn’t do both?
  15. Howski

    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    Passed a guy on a stretched Hyabussa this morning who had no helmet but he sure as hell has a N95 mask on...
  16. Howski

    Another Tesla thread.

    BMW refers to their X models as SUV’s which is what all AWD crossovers really should be called
  17. Howski

    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    Besides yesterday we’ve had awesome weather which has been a godsend. Smoked a ham for Easter which turned out pretty well. It’s a been a good way to pass the time though I still have plenty of room to improve. The Rover sitting for days on end made me get to rebuilding the front valve block in...
  18. Howski

    jack stand placement

    Dusting this one off a bit. During this slow time I will he rebuilding my front valve block which is leaking a little bit of air. Assume I pull the EAS fuses prior to jacking up the vehicle so it won’t try to extend/level? Not sure I’m brave enough to give jwest’s method a shot...
  19. Howski

    Not over heating but running a little hot.

    Are you sure you don’t have a cracked block? That’s incredibly high temp and will cause more issues in no time