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    WTB: LR3 OEM A bar

    With or With out Fog Lamps... Will consider one without mounting hardware also
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    Trailer Tow Hitch Wiring Harness for 08 L322

    Having the OEM box is best case scenario... and Will is a great guy. $150 is a deal and you should go that route!
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    Trailer Tow Hitch Wiring Harness for 08 L322

    You can make one very cheap... all it takes is a powered trailer converter.
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    PO171-178 codes?

    "You're not driving grandma's Buick anymore. Electrical parts/ sensors need to be high quality or genuine. AutoZone's deadlast brand is far from quality. " Amen to that... I cannot tell you how many LR3 and RRS came into the dealership during my time as an advisor (8 years) with Advance Auto or...
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    Bad vibes - Suspension Related

    When does the vibration occur? Possible front prop shaft or front diff issue?
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    key fob

    Yes, They can be had on Amazon for ~$10. Getting the old "waterproof" case open is a PITA though...
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    Hey Matt... What's your Cell and I'll text you pics of the classic

    Hey Matt... What's your Cell and I'll text you pics of the classic
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    F/S Feeler: 1991 RRC TRAIL PIG

    1991 RRC (Pewter silver/Gray Leather) 17x,xxx miles THE GOODS: Rovertym Front Bumper w/ Full Brush Bar Rovertym Rear Bumper (not installed at the moment) Rovertym Rock Sliders Mile Marker 8k Winch Masterpull Synthetic Winch Rope w/ Billet Thimble Rovertym 3" Springs Rovertym Rear Trailing...
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    Garage cleanout part #2

    How much for the receiver insert and the ski attachments?
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    Random D2 parts and some lights

    I have nothing to mount them to. Currently searching for a D2 winch bumper. In actuality I don't need them at all. You can sell them if you have another interested party.
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    Random D2 parts and some lights

    Are you going to be in Roanoke soon or would you rather ship.
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    Random D2 parts and some lights

    Chuck. Im interested int he Hella 1000's
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    Kind of impressed this weekend by the LR3.

    Here's another video of Doug at ROTR in Rausch CreeK I've loved all of the modern rovers that I've owned. 4x LR3 and 1x L322 HSE mkIII
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    Not Yeti Coolers

    I have an ORCA 58 and it is great! I also have their 28oz tumbler and a Yeti 20 oz. Did a direct comparison on the cups and they both held ice for +36 hours at room temperature. The ice in both melted before the 48 hour mark. It was really nice having that while riding the trails at URE, Yeti...
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    Range Rover roofrack

    Pm sent
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    FS: 4 New GCR 16" steelies w/ New 265/75 Goodyear Wrangler Authoritys

    As the title states, I have a set of 16" GCR steelies with LT265/75R16 Wrangler Authority tires. Bonus (spare) 5th matching tire only that is 50% worn... not mounted on a wheel Bought the wheels from a fellow board member in the boxes and never used ~$380. Bought the tires from Walmart ($741...
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    1995 white sd D1

    I know, I know... I work a lot and Will stops by on a semi regular basis so he dropped it off for me to check out. I'm going to get it! I know of another white D1 for sale in town...If you'd be interested. It has 104k miles and in decent shape. Call me if you want his contact info. I am also...
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    1995 white sd D1

    I hear ya Jeff! I have it at the dealership now to check out. I just wanted to check it out since he is local to me.