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  1. Swedjen2

    Head Gasket & 180 Thermostat Preferences

    Found the leak on my 2004. Front of the driver side head. So, I just had the heads pulled and found a few issues. 1) The P.O. used ARP studs but didn't tighten the drivers side head as well as the passenger side, because the nuts were noticeably easier to loosen. Had to use the next size Hex...
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    Make Your Time

  3. Swedjen2

    move zig

    for great justice
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    LT230 T-Case swap into 1990 RRC

    Since many here are familiar with or have RRCs as well as Disco's, I thought I'd ask here. Can I replace the 165K mile BorgWarner T-Case unit with a 2002 LT230 and a 2004 D2 transfer case shifter assy? or do I need all D1 parts.
  5. Swedjen2

    Lean Misfire at Idle - Custom Cam issue?

    I've posted about this before. About once a tankful, if I sit and idle for more than a couple minutes, I get the P0300-P0308 misfire codes. The cam is a custom grind, probably opens the valves too much at idle for the amount of fuel being fed in - 700ish RPMs. When it's at 800-900 rpm - no...
  6. Swedjen2

    Misfire at Idle Only

    I have a '04 D2, about 10K on a rebuilt engine - D&D (the outfit in Michigan) machined the original block, added top-hat liners, Wedgeshop cam, just about everything else new- coils, injectors, plugs, O2 sensors, wires, etc. It's an SAI engine, (Calif. vehicle) If I let the vehicle idle much...
  7. Swedjen2

    Making D2 Brakes Better - What's the Solution?

    I've got a '90 RRC and an '04 D2. The '90's brakes are firm right at the top, not soft, no mush, no double pumping required. If I had to lock'em up in a panic, they'd lock and squeel like a pig until the ABS kicked in. The D2...well, I couldn't skid the tires if I tried. In a panic stop...
  8. Swedjen2

    Engine Number

    Hello All, I'm in the process of upgrading/repairing my 2001 D2. The engine's got a slipped liner that pumps hydrocarbons into the coolant and the tranny's throwing "I'm finished" codes. The rig has too many good mods/upgrades to junk just yet. That said, can anyone point me in the right...
  9. Swedjen2

    1990 Land Rover Range Rover

    1990 Land Rover Range Rover (2018-09-22 20:20:15)