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  1. J

    D1 under seat trim

    I think I have some: LR Parts
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    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    My wife, daughter and me work for a Non-profit and we get to carryover our vac/sick days.
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    RRC SS exhaust ?

    Janspeed exhaust in the UK.
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    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    I'm in NYC and cannot work remotely. My wife is working from home and my biggest concern is getting sick and bringing shit home. I do ride a motorcycle in so I don't have to take public transportation but since I work in a hospital I'm sure I'll get sick. Stay healthy everyone!
  5. J

    WTB - 4.2 Multibelt Engine for 94 RRC

    I have 2 or 3 4.2s.
  6. J

    Lr3 purchase

    If the NY truck is in or around the city I can take a look at it for you. Let me know.
  7. J

    2000 Discovery II $750

    Will Tillery
  8. J

    RRC rear ARB Bumper delivered to Uwharrie

    I want this bumper since I have the original diamond plate for it. You say UPS will ship? If so, can you tell me how much to Tappan, NY 10983. Thanks.
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    Safety Devices Highlander Rack for sale

    Where in CT?
  10. J

    Some D1 bits

    Do you still have the RR rear bumper?
  11. J

    Honda discovery. . .

    Probably the most un-reliable Honda ever built... :)
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    1993 RRC Coil wire

    I found a full wire harness from a 91 RR, I'll look for the connector.... Do you still need it?
  13. J

    New Stock

    Pics and color of the 95? Thx
  14. J

    1993 RRC Coil wire

    The wire is on my 94 LWB (parts truck) with no amplifier relocation but not on my 94 LWB (daily driver) with the amp relo kit. Coil Wire
  15. J

    RRC passenger side rear lamp guard

    I had the same problem, after I bought from ebay I had to get longer screws. Also, the bolts are not SS and are rusting....
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    Looking for D1 SD through the dash expedition cage

    I have one but I'm not cheap. It's a Safety Devices thru the dash and it's in my 95 DI. Make me an offer and I might consider selling it.
  17. J

    The Cheapest Defender in the US (probably) - 110 HiCap - $5k

    Can I throw this on a RR LWB frame?
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    Bad experience at "Rover Specialist" - Vinnie Tarrone - Garfield, NJ

    Next time check with me, I have 4 good starters and I work in the city and come in on the weekends. I could've given you a hand installing it. John
  19. J

    WTT Third Members w/ Stock Gears

    I have a few sets of diffs but shipping to CA will be a bit high. Let me know if you are interested. John
  20. J

    Driver Side Rear Classic Quarter.... (White)

    I have a few but have to check condition. I'll take pics tomorrow and let you know. John