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  1. dutchman

    Southdown or Genuine LR D2 armor parts for 99 TReK

    Just saw this. Just found a Southdown skid plate in the barn... forgotten treasure. Glad to see you found one...
  2. dutchman

    Hello my old friend. Haven't talked to you in forever. How are things going in the great white...

    Hello my old friend. Haven't talked to you in forever. How are things going in the great white north? I think I still have your number. Will give you a ring.
  3. dutchman

    Pneumatic locker switch

    Just go to Midway truck parts and get the parts there. Flexible brake line tubing has been around for years on trucks for a reason. I still am running the original 15 year old solenoids that can with the lockers. I planned on upgrading if they break. They have a vast selection of switches...
  4. dutchman

    94 d1 49,000 miles $3500

    sent pm
  5. dutchman

    Anybody interested 1998 Disco LE salvage total?

    If you don't mind us asking...which insurance company you dealing with? Gives me a chance to find it at the auction or bone yard
  6. dutchman

    Anybody interested 1998 Disco LE salvage total?

    I'll take it Sent PM
  7. dutchman

    D1 GENUINE seat covers

  8. dutchman

    Anyone reconize this truck???

    I believe it is this members truck... Heather03 If it is hers it rolled several times
  9. dutchman

    Superwinch x9 lead wires

    Any welding shop or truck parts store. Buy a length of wire and crinp connectors and make your own. Welding cable is more flexible but more expensive
  10. dutchman

    Wedco can

    It would be easier to find the Holy Grail at this point in time
  11. dutchman

    Dealer says my engine is leaking oil because it is synthetic.. BS?

    Thanks for the education. My motor thanks you even more. Here is a link to one more article that is relevant
  12. dutchman

    RockStar Fab D1 roof rack done

    You should of mentioned last weekend about the rack and we could have examined it closely. Did all the snow melt off of your truck yet?
  13. dutchman

    Really, What would Happen???

    Just do a searc on google and there is so much to read about the types and differences in fuel and what octane has to do with the equation it will keep you amused.
  14. dutchman

    Will these wheels fit my 03' Disco..

    those look like D1 anniversary wheels. D1 wheels won't fit a D2. And yes they are worth that in scrap
  15. dutchman

    Helpz, water under carpet?

    look in the technical service bulletins on the bottom of the board to find some good reference material to read
  16. dutchman

    Universal-fit Catalytic Converter

    Search the subject. Many good post out there and quicker than waiting for a responce
  17. dutchman

    Universal-fit Catalytic Converter

    Use the search function. I just did the same a few hours ago. Many good posts already done on the subject
  18. dutchman

    New old stock Saudi Grills (D1) Only

    I'm just glad I bought mine f years back when they were giving them away for $15.00. Downside of this grill is the amount of mud that cloggs the front of the radiator. Upside is the cooler running truck from the increased air flow.
  19. dutchman

    Really, What would Happen???

    Compliments of A very good tech article on our engines. 3.9 & 4.2 The true & main reason these engines run very hot is due to the fuel/air ratio, or fuel mixture, that is controlled by the engine EFi computer...
  20. dutchman

    CDL Lever..unseized but...

    keep woking it. Penetrating oil and worse case a little bit of gentle persuassion. If you don't use it you loose it. The linkage get rusted in place and needs to be worked free. Common problem