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    Fluids on 2002 D2

    I am working on restoring a D2 that has been sitting for a few years. I got it running today and was able to drive it a little bit to charge the battery. However since it has been sitting for so long I plan to drain and replace all the fluids (oil, coolant, ATF, brake, wiper, A/C, transfer case...
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    Crank Position Sensor for 2002 D2

    Hi, I may need a new crank position sensor for this D2. I know these sensors can be finicky for some cars and that aftermarket parts don’t always work well. I was wondering if I needed to go OEM or if aftermarket is fine for these. Thanks
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    Running 2002 D2 without key

    Hi, My family has an old disco 2 which has some problems but I at least wanted to try to get it running. However, the spare keys made were not made correctly and the original keys were lost. I’ve tried starting it with a screwdriver and I’ve tried wiggling the spares which don’t work (I’ve also...