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  1. WaltNYC

    CV End Float - Shim Naming Convention / Chart?

    In the case of a D1 (which is in your signature) OK, I reviewed RAVE and see that you are actually quoting specs for the 'Drive shaft end play', which is just another way of saying how much the end of the drive shaft moves inward or outward. The shims are really thin washers that go on the...
  2. WaltNYC

    Used DII Checklist?

    Don't forget to get some pictures of the rear frame. Not sure where the truck is located but it is a known trouble point on the DII as it rusts quite readily
  3. WaltNYC

    Put Vehicle Into Neutral Without Vehicle On

    unplug all the connections to the barrel mechanism. remove the ignition switch from the end of the barrel mechanism (two small phillips head screws hold it on). At that point you should be able to move the transmission selector to neutral when you move the ignition switch to position II...
  4. WaltNYC

    2002 Range Rover P38 Rhino Edition - Fully Outfitted

    agree. IIRC there was a write up on it on
  5. WaltNYC

    D1 1997 - No Start/Crank/Click

    I've had good experience with Maniac Motors. They spent some time on with me and put the alternator rebuild kit together.
  6. WaltNYC

    D1 ABS - To fix or leave in disabled state

    The sensors themselves can also get flakey. Not overly expensive anymore as they used to be.
  7. WaltNYC

    Chasing causes of large fuel trim

    Here is the thread. work from latest to is 13 pages long. software: recommended OBD dongle...
  8. WaltNYC

    Chasing causes of large fuel trim

    use RobertF's GEMS tool and reset the adaptive values. No downside and I'd be willing to bet a little bit that it works to solve your problems.
  9. WaltNYC

    Need help picking O2 Sensors

    Let's get this straight. If you have a 1997 D1 as it says in your signature, you DO have AEL all four sensors are the same. I use these in my '97.... A pre-AEL truck will use...
  10. WaltNYC

    Power Passenger Seat Bottom Question

    They are designed to have the same possible movement. Could be a dead motor. Could be one of the little brass 'wings' inside the switch is too flat. Could be a bb missing or a spring gone rogue. Those switches are way too complicated for what they do.
  11. WaltNYC

    Parts list for D1 swivel preload job

    Another shade tree mechanic here. It takes a bit of time to do it properly, but you should be done with a day's work. Here is my parts list for both fronts. I found Trevor at Rovahfarm to have the best pricing for the whole job. He is also super knowledgeable and able to add some expertise.
  12. WaltNYC

    Massive Coolant leak after installing Thermostat

    I suspect pictures of the top end, and particularly around the t-stat housing, would go a long way in this case.
  13. WaltNYC

    coolant leaking from valve cover gasket

    If on the passenger side, could be dripping down from heater hoses first.
  14. WaltNYC

    Fluids on 2002 D2

    Workshop manuals and owner's manual...and a whole lot more can be found in the google drive in the link in my signature. You are welcome to it all.
  15. WaltNYC

    window motor

    based on what you are reporting, it sounds like the motor is dead.
  16. WaltNYC

    window motor

    connect it to a 12v your battery.
  17. WaltNYC

    Advanced Stuck in Park

    This may help. I realize you said the button is working but perhaps not as well as it should.
  18. WaltNYC

    Help with Front window not working right

    D1 or D2? Driver (left) or passenger (right) side? Put 12v of power on it directly. could be a window ECU
  19. WaltNYC

    factory roof rail removal - any additional wisdom?

    re removal of the headliner....The trim pieces around the Alpine windows which run from the C to D pillars can be tricky to get back into place. Try to remove just one side and only loosen the other. The fiber board can withstand some bending so don't worry too much about injuring it.
  20. WaltNYC

    1994 discovery

    Not familiar enough with the electrical system to say, but first thing I'd check is the inertia switch. Confirm fuses in the engine bay are also in good condition.