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  1. CBiDrive

    Salisbury brake line routing.

    Just finishing up my rear disc brake conversion. The current axle brake line routing put's the hard line on the aft apex of the axle. Has anyone felt the need to route it on the top of the axle? Just seems easy to damage when having to back up in a rock garden. Well, you know, not being able...
  2. CBiDrive

    ABS pump bypass help

    Before anybody says just fix it, hear me out. I have a Sailsbury rear axle that does not have ABS so fixing it is not an option. I am doing the disc brake conversion on the rear axle and also the Defender front brake conversion on it this wknd. I would just like to remove the ABS pump since...
  3. CBiDrive

    97 D1 beast

    I have been on here before. Sadly my 97 Willow passed away about a year and a half ago. She was a trusty steed. In looking for a stock replacement to swap parts over to I came across this one with a blown engine. Originally built by member LLesra. He knocked it out of the park. Motor was...
  4. CBiDrive

    Brake switch does not work after broken taillight

    Backed into a tree yesterday up playing in the snow and drove a branch through my passenger taillight. It blew up the housing, shorting the flat wire connections to the body. I stopped to check it out and low and behold by brake switch would not let me shift out of park. I jumped it to get me...
  5. CBiDrive

    Aluminum Chev 350 in DI.... can it be done?

    My DI has 150k on it and I was staring to shop around for a new or used 4.6. My friend is willing to sell me a 350 with trans and wire harness with 50k miles on it for $2000. Has any one done this is it possible. I realize the the purists will throw up in their mouths a little but it would be...
  6. CBiDrive

    To nerf my sliders or not

    Just built my sliders and was wonder pros and cons of putting nerfs on them. They sit flush with the doors and I know that the female would appreciate a step to get in. They are 2X2 so not much of one now
  7. CBiDrive

    OBD scanner will not connect to Disco

    A scanner that I have used before and two others that I tried will not connect to truck. I set off check engine light when my fuel pump went out and now it idles high which I am not sure of either. Is there any way to reset this without taking it to LR dealership?
  8. CBiDrive

    Fuel pump replacement and stepper motor

    I just did the fuel pump swap with a GM one that Boulderbear did a writeup on and it worked perfectly.:applause: In the process of tracking down my problem I found out that a GM AC305 IAC valve ($40) is a drop in replacement for the LR OEM stepper motor ($180). If anybody has tried this let me...
  9. CBiDrive

    Sweet Lifted RRC

    Thought that somebody might be interested in this
  10. CBiDrive

    Steering wheel cocked to right

    Hit a sinkhole the other day. Going from dirt to pavement could not tell that there was a two foot deep hole before the pavement. Hit it with the drivers side front wheel doing between 5 and 10 mph and kind of got the frontend up in the air. I could not find anything bent or broken (drag...