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    1995 D1 - Low Alternator Output at Warm Idle

    I had my alternator rebuilt to give out more amps to support an upgraded stereo. However, I kept getting the battery light on the dash so I bought one of those cigarette lighter voltage gauges to get some insight into what was going on. It turns out that the voltage is fine when I first turn...
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    SOLD - Not a Disco - 2013 Polaris RZR XP4 900 EPS LE (Limited Edition)

    SOLD This is the limited edition with electric power steering and Walker Evans shocks. There were other models with different shocks and without power steering in 2013. It has 2552 miles and 172 hours. It was serviced by a mechanic at the end of the last season (November) with new fluids and...
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    Disco 1 Front Speaker Options

    I have the base stereo in my D1 (no tweeters in the pillars) and want to upgrade all four 4" speakers (keeping stock head unit). I bought some 4" infinity ones that crutchfield and amazon said would fit but the magnet is too deep and wide and they won't fit. Anyone know of a good front speaker...
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    Name that part!!!

    Hello - I was putting on a new fan belt and accidentally cracked this little wire off that comes from the distributor and goes to the intake. Any idea what this part is so I can order up a new one? Seems to run fine without it connected, but not sure what damage that could do. Pics below...
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    Anyone desire a 160amp alternator?

    If you have seen my other threads you may know I put a 1000w amplifier in my 1995 Disco 1. This combined with a 25 year old alternator meant bad things. Not sure if the alternator would have died either way, but it died. So, I bought a used one, which then died shortly thereafter and was sent...
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    Yet another Subwoofer Question

    So, my son wants bass so loud his head explodes so he bought the following used of a guy: Sundown SA12 subwoofer in a custom enclosure Sundown SAZ-1000D amplifier...
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    Alternator Issue? - 1995 D1

    So, saw my red battery light on the dash today (my son says it has been lit on and off for the past week and never told me). Anyway, took it to Autozone to have them put the tester on it and battery was charged, starter was good, and alternator was good. The drive there the light was off. On...
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    Key Fob for 1995 D1

    Looking for one. Thanks!
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    Where to find replacement key fob for 1995 D1

    So, I found that I need the following LR part - AMR3722 - but they are not available anywhere anymore. Anyone know where I can get my hands on one or another remote that can be used instead for a 95 D1? Thanks, Tom
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    Disco 1 Rear Subwoofer Replacement

    Hi All - Just wanted to share in case this helps anyone. I found old threads on the topic here and on other forums, but the speakers referenced were typically hard to find or so old they are not sold anymore. I just replaced my rear subwoofers in my D1. They basically fell apart and sounded...
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    Not Mine - But thought it was crazy so sharing

    This thing has been available near my house for about a year. I think they started trying to sell at 20k. Down to 12k! What a deal!!!
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    SOLD Not a Rover, but maybe somebody else here rides dirt bikes...

    SOLD 2005 KTM 200 EXC - $3500 (See Video at Clean Titled and Plated in IL. In great condition. Have 6 bikes across two riders so we need to thin the heard. Bike runs and rides great. I don’t have total hours on total bike as previous owner didn’t have the stock...
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    Bad Fuel Pump???

    I was cruising along at 75 in my 95 Dsicovery and suddenly the engine just shut off. I coasted to a stop and let it sit a while then tried to restart it. When I do, it starts right up but then immediately sputters then dies out. Pushing the gas pedal seems to keep it sputtering longer but it...
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    Land Rover Mechanic Chicagoland Area - ABS Issues D1

    Hey folks - I am trying to diagnose my ABS light in my D1 and would prefer professional help on this topic. I have called a couple places near me and they are unable or unwilling to try and diagnose the problem. I really want the truck to have all the parts working that it should have. My son...
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    FREE! Disco 1 Tan Jump Seats

    I bought a used set of tan jump seats that were supposed to have everything in the box but never even got around to opening the box in 4 years. Free to whoever wants them if you pay the shipping or want to pick them up from Willowbrook, IL. Tom
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    1995 Discovery Code 89

    Hey all - First off, let me say that my ABS has not been working for a while and I have the fuse pulled under the hood. That being said, my check engine light came on today so I went to look under the passenger seat for a code and saw code 89. The code lists for the engine on the internet...
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    Padded Vinyl Wheel Cover

    Fits on Defender stock wheels or if you have a tire/wheel combo equivalent to 31x10.5x15 or 235/85R16. LR Part number is STC7665AA. Looks to be over $100 online ordering from overseas. No idea what the dealerhsip would charge. In good condition, but...
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    Remote Keyless Entry 1995 Discovery

    Just like the title says. Lost my remote and need something to replace it. Send me email at pearsth at Tom
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    Remote Keyless Entry 1995 Discovery

    Just like the title says. Lost my remote and need something to replace it. Send me email at pearsth at Tom
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    Hell's Revenge Ride Videos

    Got back from a trip to Moab, UT last week. Since I brought my dirt bikes and RZR I only was able to get to one trail in my Discovery as I spent time with those as well. Thought I would share some videos... Hot Tub - Hell's Gate -...