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  1. Tugela

    Arc'teryx Thorium AR hoody

    Brand new with tags, never worn, men's Arc'teryx Thorium AR hooded jacket. This is a nice midweight down insulation piece. Retails for $350, asking $260 shipped via USPS priority mail. Payment via PayPal.
  2. Tugela

    Chasing causes of large fuel trim

    My OBD-2 scanner is giving me some far out numbers on fuel trims. This started before I recently replaced my Y-pipe and hasn't changed since. These are the numbers I'm getting: Short term trims, sensor 1: ranging from -3 to -12 across a range of conditions. Long term trims, sensor 1...
  3. Tugela

    Lucas factory distributor & timing light strobe gun

    Factory distributor removed from my 1993 RRC SWB. Worked fine when I took it out. No cap, no rotor, no amplifier. $50 shipped. Timing strobe light gun, used twice, in original packaging. $20 shipped. $60 for both.
  4. Tugela

    Battery lifespan?

    The date sticker on the battery in my D1 shows 2014, installed by previous owner. Not that I'm looking to spend money, but it's good to have a plan in case I need to. I'm curious about the durability folks are getting from their batteries. Mine is not one I recognize, probably a low end to...
  5. Tugela

    Roof rack identification

    How does one tell the difference between a Safety Devices rack and a Voyager? Are there markings, design features, or signature manufacturing touches that distinguish one from the other? I recently bought what was billed as a Voyager XD low profile rack but I can't find any clue on the rack...
  6. Tugela

    Hella install on roof rack

    Washington's governor extended the stay at home order for another month so my thoughts are turning to my piles of spare parts in the garage. I recently put a Voyager XD full-length roof rack on my D1 and it came with 4 Hella Rallye 3000 halogen 55-watt lights. I already have a pair of factory...
  7. Tugela

    D1 windshield washer reservoir removal

    I'm having trouble getting the windshield washer reservoir out of my D1. Top hardware came out no problem. Lower hardware is the challenge. The 10mm nuts in the wheel well are spinning with the bolts and thanks to the design of the reservoir I can't access the Philips heads from above to hold...
  8. Tugela

    RRC 1987-1994 windshield seal NEW (part # MXC7405)

    Brand spanking new in box, windshield seal for RRC. Does not fit 1995. Here's a link to the part page on Atlantic British. $80 shipped. Send PM and I'll respond with PayPal info. Note: you'll also need to acquire the side filler strips separately. I'm not selling the complete kit, just the...
  9. Tugela

    Custom D1-D2-SWB door seal kit

    I have a custom set of aftermarket door seals that fit D1, D2, and RRC SWB. These differ from factory door seals in at least 3 ways: The seals are not a continuous, closed loop. They were cut to length from what was probably a spool of the material and not joined, so the two ends meet in a...
  10. Tugela

    pants, pants, pants

    Decluttering and time to sell some clothes I either never wear or never have worn. For sale are three pairs of long pants, all made by ExOfficio, all 100% nylon, all in great shape, all UPF 30. These are well suited to warm climates. Pricing: $30 shipped for any one pair. Buy two, $50...
  11. Tugela

    factory roof rail removal - any additional wisdom?

    I am buying an XD style roof rack for my D1. A friend is getting rid of his and offered it to me at a price I couldn't refuse. I have said in the past that I wasn't a fan of the full-coverage roof rack but I've changed my tune and am willing to give it a go - mainly because this is the model...
  12. Tugela

    Salomon Ultra X Gore Tex hiking shoes men's sz 9

    Gently used, minimal wear on outsole. Speed lacing system. Great for hiking in wet/cold conditions. $50 shipped.
  13. Tugela

    2019 Botswana-Zimbabwe trip & photos

    I spent six years over various stages of my misguided youth in Africa, living in Zimbabwe, Kenya, and South Africa and traveling to 11 other countries while I was there. It's a special place for me, a second home, and having the opportunity to return to Botswana and Zimbabwe after a long...
  14. Tugela

    D1 alarm going off

    Right before I left for a 2-week trip my 98 D1 alarm started going off unprovoked. Never had this problem before. I didn't have the time to investigate and haven't yet dug into it since I'm still jet lagged, but where should I start? Historical threads don't cast much light upon random alarm...
  15. Tugela

    Cannonball Run record broken

    Modified Mercedes E63 AMG driven across the country in 27+ hours, averaging 103mph with a max speed of 193mph. All on public roads. That must have been spicy at times. The last record stood for 6+ years. For how long will this one stand? A more interesting question might be: if you attempted to...
  16. Tugela

    need D1 seat belt receiver plastic housing

    An incompetent passenger snapped the plastic housing on one of the rear seat belt receivers in my Disco 1. I have no idea how. In any case, I need a new one. Who's got something for me?
  17. Tugela

    Safari 5000 single lamp cover needed

    One of mine fell off. I need this thing: for this: Hit me up with what you have.
  18. Tugela

    1993 RRC fuel pump access

    I think my fuel pump is dead in my SWB 1993. My version of RAVE is for 1992 vehicles and shows you have to lower the tank. For my 1993 to access the pump do I have to drop the fuel tank or can I get at it from above in the cargo area under the carpet like in my Disco?
  19. Tugela

    Hub reinstall - spin resistance

    Replaced brake rotors (rear) and cleaned out/repacked bearings. Got hub assembly back on, followed directions in RAVE, and hubs are not spinning freely. If I loosen up the inner lock nut it improves, but then the hub has play. My leading hypothesis is that the fresh grease has higher viscosity...
  20. Tugela

    RRC passenger side rear lamp guard

    Some bastard visigoth barbarian swine ripped off one of my rear lamp guards. Yanked it straight off, broke my fancy new aluminum hardware and everything. If anyone has a single passenger side rear lamp guard sitting around gathering dust, I'd like to buy it. This is the style that plugs into...