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  1. latarheel

    D1 rear step with gas strut and hardware

    Looking to add this for. ‘96 SD model , ship is 85007
  2. latarheel

    Foxwing awning bracket for arb/ tjm

  3. latarheel

    Hunter edition manual seat repair

    I have a pair of ‘91 RRC hunter manual cloth seats I recently acquired to install in my ‘96 D1 and have only one problem: the seat backs do not recline and the adjusting knob on the seat bolster spins but no result. I can see a geared cam at the bottom of the seat back but no movement when...
  4. latarheel

    '91 RRC county Mocha Leather powered front seats

    Driver's side is missing the seat controller and seats are in fair condition , mostly dirty but no tears in leather. Pickup in Phoenix or SoCal. Make an offer
  5. latarheel

    D1 Leather seats Bahama Beige front & back

    I am replacing my stock manual leather seats from my '96 SD with Hunter seats from a '92 RRC sometime in March 2019 and will make these available for sale. They are in good condition and no tears but normal wear on the drivers seat which has the seat diaphragm replaced in 2013. Will sell the...
  6. latarheel

    D1 Safety Devices Rack with FarmTek Flooring

    I have a really good condition SD rack with no rust and all hardware and custom fit flooring attached with stainless zip ties for sale in Phoenix area or will deliver to SoCal market for a fee. Its a classic look for teh D1 but need to part with it as I want a RTT and dont want to modify it...
  7. latarheel

    2013 Land Rover LR4

    2013 Land Rover LR4 (2017-11-05 19:04:35)
  8. latarheel

    Mantec Snorkel w/ dual Battery D1

    I had an opportunity to get a dual battery system installed yesterday in my '96 D1 and after repositioning the PS reservoir to make room for the 2nd battery, I only have 3/4" for air intake after cutting the trumpet which leaves no room to turn the Mantec flex hose into the air cleaner box...
  9. latarheel

    drivers side (LH) seat switch

    looking for a complete tan seat switch assembly to fit a 1992 RRC drivers seat . Need housing and electrical pig tail and switch
  10. latarheel

    1996 Land Rover Discovery I

    1996 Land Rover Discovery I (2016-12-31 12:14:59)
  11. latarheel

    D1 Rear Bumper

    Clearing out the garage and this needs to go. Perfect shape with new end caps for $150. Pick up in Phoenix or can deliver local to metro Phoenix and SoCal.
  12. latarheel

    Safety Devices Rack for D1

    For Sale is an original Safety Devices rack with FarmTek flooring and Hi Lift mounting hardware thrown in for $1000 firm. All mounting hardware , good powder coat no rust. Pick up in Phoenix.
  13. latarheel

    Columbia Overland

    Does anyone know what the story is with these guys? They have outdoor gear and make the stainless cargo door panel for D1 & D2 but are not shipping product.
  14. latarheel

    Best bluetooth temp gauge for D1

    I have a '96 D1 that I just put a 4.6 GEMS engine in from a P38 and recently had an engine light code. I took in the truck for local service at my mechanic here in Arizona and had a printout that showed the engine hitting 230F at idle w/ AC on. My radiator has been re-cored by PO and I am...
  15. latarheel

    D1 Rear Axle assembly

    I have a bent rear axle tube I need to replace for a '96 D1. Shipped to Scottsdale , AZ 85260
  16. latarheel

    D1 Rear Bumper w/ endcaps

    For Sale is my rear bumper with end caps and side marker lamp housing (not shown) for $225 plus shipping. I just replaced this with a Tactical Rovers bumper and need it out of my basement. Local pickup in Phoenix and surrounding areas or will quote shipping to you
  17. latarheel

    4.0L GEMS engine

    for sale is a '96 GEMS 4.0L engine with 195k miles on the clock. The heads were done in 2005 and is original to the vehicle. Engine can be seen running before it gets pulled in the next few weeks by the garage in Scottsdale, AZ. Nothing wrong with engine (no ticking) , just replacing with a...
  18. latarheel

    Engine burning oil w/ diff lock hill descent

    My D1 never burns oil but now I recall it burning oil during hill descent will in diff lock and 2nd gear. Is this normal . It never burns oil (white smoke) in other driving modes.
  19. latarheel

    D1 4.0L gems engine ticking This mystery noise has me baffled since I can't hear it with my head under the bonnet but noticeable in the cabin especially in the drivers footwell . I would describe it as a slight ticking that is there cold or hot...