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  1. fjcardenas

    Predator Hunting

    Only if you don't get caught....
  2. fjcardenas

    1969 Series 2a Custom for sale

    Will the trophies come with the truck?
  3. fjcardenas

    URE!15 Uwharrie Rover Expedition! vs15.0

    Guess I have a month to swap in a new transmission.
  4. fjcardenas

    Will Tillery

    Never heard of him.
  5. fjcardenas

    Roof Racks?

    ^^^^^^ Thumbs up emoji
  6. fjcardenas


    How much for the hood?
  7. fjcardenas

    4" spring

    I like this idea better than mine. Maybe 8" RoughCountry springs off a '92 Chevy 2500? I've got a rattle can of Monster Energy Green paint to make them pop.
  8. fjcardenas

    4" spring

    Have you tried welding two sets of 2" springs together?
  9. fjcardenas

    Wanted: County decal for RRC lower tailgate

    Ryan Marr has a vinyl guy with all of the various rover graphics ready to go. You could try giving RTE a call for the guy's number. He did a great job on a G4 I saw.
  10. fjcardenas

    WTF happened to Alex and Columbia Overland?

    401-749-0003. I just called and he called me right back.
  11. fjcardenas

    Cross member

    I took mine off the '04. Doesn't feel any different.
  12. fjcardenas

    Fuming over ebay

    Email the seller with an offer in case the winning bidder falls through.
  13. fjcardenas

    1997 ?custom build camel trophy? disco?

    $7800 is certainly higher than blue book or what anyone here would probably pay. If you are happy with it, who cares? Just don't expect that you will get a premium for it if you sell it. Go wheel it, show it off in the carpool line, grab drinks with other Rover guys, just enjoy the truck. Sorry...
  14. fjcardenas

    1997 ?custom build camel trophy? disco?

    My shirt says I have a 12" dick. I don't. That badge is meaningless.
  15. fjcardenas

    1996 Disco 1 5-speed FS, built. $3500

    Damn. Sounds like fun. Let me know if you want to sell it complete once you figure out the title issue.
  16. fjcardenas

    1996 Disco 1 5-speed FS, built. $3500

    Any chance Will didn't scoop this up? Still available?
  17. fjcardenas

    The Black Sheep :: 1989 Jeep Wrangler

    How much for the Wrangler? I've been wanting one since I dropped out of bridge building school?
  18. fjcardenas

    Marks adapters for D2 chevy swap

    Let me know if one of those falls off a truck. Ill cram it in something.
  19. fjcardenas

    Has anyone rebuilt an LT230 transfer case?

    I thought all loads were your friend?
  20. fjcardenas

    1998 Disco 1 LSE- Overland Modified

    How much for the hood?