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  1. surfchimp

    Disco rear Ladder install hardware - what is it?

    Got my hands on an OEM rear ladder for my new to me 04 D2. No mounting hardware though. I know I need rivnuts and bolts. Does anyone know the size originally used and the type of rivnut? I am guessing M6 bolts? Aluminum (or steel?) rivnuts? Any help much appreciated.
  2. surfchimp

    Fair price opinions please: 80k 04 D2 HSE, CA car, spotless undercarriage/motor, no rust anywhere

    Looking at an 04 D2 at a specialist dealer, been under it, cleanest I have seen, can't find a spot of rust, no leaks, perfect interior, from california (not where it is now). Dealer has done head gaskets, done the neoprene thing (whatever that is) to prevent the 3 amigos, brake booster, new...
  3. surfchimp

    Fake(?) G4 for sale

    Started looking for a possible replacement for my 110 (which I am still driving) that the rest of my family will actually drive. So of course Discos are something I am considering. Ran across this supposed G4 - I like unusual examples (and orange)...