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    WTB: ETC8495 round plug TPS for 95RRC

    Just what the title says. I need the throttle position sensor for a 1995 RRC. The wires broke off right at the plug, no way to splice it.
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    WTB: RTE 3" springs (full set)

    RTE4-3 and RTE1-3 I believe. Shipped to SoCal or local pickup.... Anyone?
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    WTB: used D2 keys (2)

    What I'm looking for is the plastic case in fair condition. I don't care about the key or the electronics. I just want the plastic shell with buttons that are intact. I'm looking for OEM with the factory logo only. I know I can get the new replacements from China. I don't want that. I'm...
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    Part needed from yard. BTR 9813 D1

    Looking for D1 BTR 9813 lower inner gaiter seal for D1 transfer case. The rubber part that gets riveted to the tunnel to seal the opening for the transfer case lever. Thanks.
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    D2 door scuff plates/trim

    I am looking for all 4 doors. The plastic scuff plate and the plastic trim insert for scuff plate that covers the screws. I already have beat up broken ones, I am looking for nice good condition ones. Thank you.
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    95 RRC Soft Dash center

    Hello, I am looking for a intact/mostly intact center dash bezel. The plastic trim that hold the climate control, radio and switches. LR #BTR9903LNF This piece... Thank you.
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    WTB: Bilstein 12" Short body remote reservoir

    I am looking for two (one pair) of Bilstein 7100 12" short body remote reservoir shocks with both ends for eyelet (spherical bearing or bushing) mounting. Let me know if you have a set you want to part with. Thanks.
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    WTB: 95 RRC bezel for gauge cluster

    I need the plastic bezel that goes in the dash around the instrument cluster. Grey or Black? Maybe they are all the same color, I don't know. Thanks.
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    wtb: RSW D2 Amigo tool

    looking for a RSW Amigo tool for D2. Thanks.
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    D2 hitch receiver bolts

    Hi, I need the two bolts in the middle that hold the hitch receiver in place, they are sort of "vertical" when mounted from bottom up. Thank you.
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    Wanted: Black D2 seat covers for rear

    I am looking for a set of rear (second row) genuine Land Rover Waterproof seat covers in black. Thank you. M
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    Wanted: 3" springs for 1995 Classic

    Looking for springs for a 1995 Range Rover Classic LWB. I prefer a heavy duty spring and already I believe it to have an OME MD 2" lift. Looking for 3" or more. Thank you, M
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    WTB: tent cot - double

    I am looking for a good deal on a double size Tent Cot. Thank you.