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  1. kade

    Motivation for those who want it and a dose of antiliberlaism who need it Rated NC17

    My interpretation is that mankind used to be much more tough. Now people a screaming at people for not wearing a paper mask. Just my guess
  2. kade

    FS: 1986 Suzuki Samurai JX

    Landrum SC
  3. kade

    FS: 1986 Suzuki Samurai JX

    well, I have a d2 I’ve considered trading or selling and always liked the samurai. But even on the off chance you were interested, it’s too far from me to be a viable option.
  4. kade

    FS: 1986 Suzuki Samurai JX

    Want to did it ever end up on the east coast?
  5. kade

    D2 99-04 HEAD LINER forsale

    I need one but I can’t figure how I’d get it home to install it
  6. kade


    Might be the wrong crowd for wheel spacers...
  7. kade

    Foxwell NT510 with LR & BMW licenses

    Does this assist in the “power flush” of the ABS I’ve heard people reference?
  8. kade

    D2 TJM front bumper

    Landrum sc
  9. kade

    D2 TJM front bumper

    If you were a closer I’d consider it.
  10. kade

    Any of you guys do this?

    Let’s not forget strait axel front. Hard to find a suv in the 90s without ifs I actually like the grand cherokees from the 90s too. Here is mine from a while back.
  11. kade

    Honda discovery. . .

    Not mine but Interesting
  12. kade

    SOLD 1994 D1, 2" lift, Winch

    Good luck with sale. I miss my white 94 regularly. If I could sell my d2 I’d be all over this.
  13. kade

    WTB: Car Cover for Disco 2

    I imagine that it will, hang like wizard sleeve, but if it’s not exact I don’t think it matters what year Tahoe, they are all bigger than a disco.
  14. kade

    SOLD Not a Rover, but maybe somebody else here rides dirt bikes...

    Too far away from me but for S&G, how much are you asking?
  15. kade

    D2 lower engine noise ?

    I recently found a leak by blowing air into the tail pipe. Simply a running leaf blower, lowest pressure, not full blast. While exhaust is being blown into, On a cold engine, not running—— spray exhaust joints with soapy water mixture. If air is leaking it will bubble up noticeably.
  16. kade

    1st time Disco owner.

    Try changing the fluid, it helped my “intermittent amigos”
  17. kade

    What’s wrong with my Alpine changer ???

    Has not worked since I got the truck. Radio/tape work fine. Cd changer is Cycling trays but head unit won’t even recognize that the CD player exists. I just got one from a junk yard, swapped it and no change. Cleaned both of them with deoxit. Still no dice. Checked fuses... Any ideas. I’ve...
  18. kade

    Glock vs Sig

    Who goes around dropping pistols on the floor? :)
  19. kade

    Glock vs Sig

    I really like the 320. Getting used to not de-cocking was a change but I think the pistol is more ergonomic and more fun than the 226