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    AC Question

    Anyone have knowledge of the AC system in a LR3? The system sometimes works, other times not. No real rhyme or reason on when it works or not. I finally had a chance to throw some gauges on the system and this is what it read. About 20psi low pressure, 175psi high with ambient temps around...
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    LR3 Upper Tailgate fail

    The upper tailgate on the wife's LR3 isn't opening. I can't hear the actuator and when I depress the lock/unlock buttons it doesn't do anything either. I replaced the actuator a few years ago when cable failed but not it seems the actuator is dead or it doesn't have power. I did pull codes and...
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    Test procedures on the trans temp warning light

    Anyone know the test procedures on the trans temp warning light? Light is on even on a cold truck. Learned there was a sensor at the trans cooler and one on the Tcase. Trying to determine which sensor is turning the light on. Unplugged them hoping unplugging the bad sensor would shut the lamp...
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    D1 Trans Temp Sensor Location?

    Can't find it in the Rave nor online. Does anyone know the location of the trans temp sensor on a D1? Thanks!
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    '97 D1 Anti Lock light

    Trying to fix the anti lock light on a 97 D1. Ran the blink code and it show 3-1 (open circuit to the solenoid). Hawkeye is showing fault 30 Inlet Valve Right Hand Front Power amp electrical connection interrupted and Fault 36 Inlet Valve Left-hand Rear Power amp electrical connection...
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    LR3 Pulley Question

    Just over 170k on the wife's '05 LR3 and I want to do a little preventative maintenance since we do take it on longer trips. I've been on top of fluids/joints/belts/etc but haven't touched the water pump and pulleys. From what I understand the water pump is well designed so I may just leave it...
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    WTB RRC or D1 Radio Harness

    Looking for the grey radio connector with a few inches of wire. Anyone parting a truck?
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    Free Disco II glass

    I few pieces of door glass looking to get rid of. Free but you have to pick it up (NOVA).
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    Time for new front wheel bearings. Any brand?

    It's time to replace the front wheel bearing/hubs on the LR3. Are all hubs created equal or is there a specific brand I should use? Not looking to cheap out but don't see the need to spend more than we need too either.
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    LR3 8 pin connector for the 3 Amigos

    I had a corroded connector creating the HDC/Transmission fault special programs off, etc. This is the problem that is created by a bad brake light switch, wrong bulbs, bad splice, or corroded connectors. I was able to find the proper Tyco AMP TE connectivity connector and have 1 extra if...
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    LR3 Steel Pan conversion

    Steel pan conversion kit for your LR3. This is the Ford pan kit so you can use off the shelf Motocraft parts for your transmission maintenance. With this kit you will still need to remove the exhaust (I don’t think you’ll need to lift the engine like you do with the factory replacement). I...
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    Axle assemble 2003 D2

    Front and Rear axle assemble (rotor to rotor). Removed from a 2003 D2 with a bad motor. $100 each. Pick up in Arlington, VA.
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    Front / Rear axel assemble 2003 D2

    sorry posted in the wrong section
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    ZF 4HP 24 Trans and T case combo from an '03 D2

    I pulled this from a poorly running 03 D2. I was not able to drive the truck b/c of the engine so I can't confirm the condition of either the trans/tcase. $200 pick up in Arlington, VA. I dont check in here often but can be more easily reached on the defender source (same username).
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    D2 body parts CHEAP

    Doors (ft/middle/rear)$50 each. includes glass but no electronics Hood $50 small ding but paint is good Pass fender $50 Drivers fender $25 (some bondo) sorry i still cant upload pics so pm with your email if you need anything. In Arlington, VA
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    Parting out 2003 Disco 2

    Parting out 2003 Disco 2 in Chawton White / Alpaca Let me know if you need anything. Located in Arlington, VA
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    LR3 middle row seats

    Left and right middle row seats (heated) in black. I don't have the center seat. In good condition. $350 local pick up (Arlington, VA). I may be able to ship but it would be fairly expensive due to the size/weight. Sorry the photos won't load but if you pm me your email I can forward them too you.
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    LR3 Rear Diff Drain Plug

    I'm changing the fluid in the rear diff (locked 05) and I don't know what size hex key to us. Does anyone know the size. I don't have one large enough and would prefer not having to buy a full set. I did try a 1/2" and it was too large. Not sure if i need to go 1 or 2 sizes down or need metric...
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    Heat blowing while a/c is on

    I was wondering if anyone could help. My wife was out in her 05 LR3 running the a/c. She turned it off and parked to have lunch. She turned on the a/c on the drive home and nothing but hot air. Our previous rover (p38) used to do this and it was the blender motors. Any idea if this is the same...