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    Stuck O2 Sensors

    Ditto Had a similar problem with a stuck o2 the wife’s lr3 earlier this year. Ended up cutting off the end of the sensor, used a 6pt deep well and ratcheting breaker bar. It still took a bit of effort but was finally able to break it loose. Never would have been able to remove that particular...
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    Is LR3 brake pad sensor a wear out part?

    If you don’t need an idiot light just clip the ends and twist them together to bypass the sensor.
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    AC Question

    Anyone have knowledge of the AC system in a LR3? The system sometimes works, other times not. No real rhyme or reason on when it works or not. I finally had a chance to throw some gauges on the system and this is what it read. About 20psi low pressure, 175psi high with ambient temps around...
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    LR3 Upper Tailgate fail

    Wanted to close up this thread. Checked live date on the Lynx and it showed the tailgate switch opening (when operated) but no noise from the actuator. Thought it was strange that actuator would completely fail without warning so I pulled the rear trim piece and messed with the wires. Tried...
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    LR3 Upper Tailgate fail

    Thanks. Do you know the location of the BCM, is the one behind the battery? Any idea which pin it is?
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    LR3 Upper Tailgate fail

    My fob doesn't have a tailgate button (it's a 2005). Nothing happens when I hold the lock and unlock buttons on the dash.
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    LR3 Upper Tailgate fail

    The upper tailgate on the wife's LR3 isn't opening. I can't hear the actuator and when I depress the lock/unlock buttons it doesn't do anything either. I replaced the actuator a few years ago when cable failed but not it seems the actuator is dead or it doesn't have power. I did pull codes and...
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    Low to Mid Speed Bucking - CDL Applied and Open

    Is ‘96 a gems or 14cux? I experienced a similar issue that ended up being a failing alternator but it was a 14cux.
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    Riddle me this?

    Had a similar issue on my LWB. Swapped out the radius arm/trailing arm bushes, sway bar and tire rod end bushes, set the preload on the swivel balls, etc. rode tighter but would still vibrate on occasion. Gave a closer inspection on the shocks and notice some play in the shock bushings. Replaced...
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    Test procedures on the trans temp warning light

    Does anyone know how to test the sensors? I’ve managed to address and clear all the dash lights except for this one.
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    Test procedures on the trans temp warning light

    Anyone know the test procedures on the trans temp warning light? Light is on even on a cold truck. Learned there was a sensor at the trans cooler and one on the Tcase. Trying to determine which sensor is turning the light on. Unplugged them hoping unplugging the bad sensor would shut the lamp...
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    D1 Trans Temp Sensor Location?

    It's an automatic. Will check the trans cooler hose. Thanks!
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    D1 Trans Temp Sensor Location?

    Can't find it in the Rave nor online. Does anyone know the location of the trans temp sensor on a D1? Thanks!
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    '97 D1 Anti Lock light

    It must have been a loose wire. Checked all the connections 1 last time, buttoned her up, cleared the codes and lights are off. Strangely enough the SRS light turned off as well.
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    '97 D1 Anti Lock light

    Here is where am at. Fuse is good and is giving power to the relay. Tested the relay and it is switching power. Tested continuity from the pump back to the wiring plug on the ECU. No breaks Found the pin out for the pump. Check the ohms and the 8 solenoid pins and they in range. Checked the...
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    '97 D1 Anti Lock light

    Thank you. Hopefully this is the issue.
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    '97 D1 Anti Lock light

    Trying to fix the anti lock light on a 97 D1. Ran the blink code and it show 3-1 (open circuit to the solenoid). Hawkeye is showing fault 30 Inlet Valve Right Hand Front Power amp electrical connection interrupted and Fault 36 Inlet Valve Left-hand Rear Power amp electrical connection...
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    1993 Range Rover ignition diagnostic sequence

    Here are the ignition test procedures. This should help you identify the fault.
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    LR3 Pulley Question

    Just over 170k on the wife's '05 LR3 and I want to do a little preventative maintenance since we do take it on longer trips. I've been on top of fluids/joints/belts/etc but haven't touched the water pump and pulleys. From what I understand the water pump is well designed so I may just leave it...
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    P2098 update

    I ended up replacing the O2 sensor, reset the adaptations, ran a bottle of seafoam in the tank (just for good measure), and it all seems good.