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    Superwinch Husky 8 SOLD

    Hello, I am listing a Superwinch Husky 8. The motor was replaced with a Bow Motor 1 from the Goodwinch in the UK, from what I remember that motor provides slightly better line pull and spool speeds. Solenoid was replaced as well with an Albright Solenoid from EE. Has new roller fairlead and...
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    1999 DII Lots of Upgrades

    Thinking about selling my DII. I got it in 2003 with 25,000 miles. Currently it has 125500 miles. Over the course of the years it has been tastefully modified and re-done a couple times. I try to do most of the work myself but when it was at a shop it was at Holland's Garage in CT or...
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    Diff Guards and Pinion Guard

    Hello, I am selling two Safari Gard weld on diff guards. These were on my DII but I changed both axle housings and took these off the old ones. The remaining welds could be ground down and then clean up the guards with a wire wheel or sandblaster. The one on the front has been notched to clear...
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    Oxford Blue Grill

    Hello, I?m looking for an Oxford blue grill for a DII pre-2003. Thank you, Nick
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    Shocks and Hellas

    Hello, I have 4 shocks and 3 hella 4000s off my DII. Shocks are in kind of rough shape, surface rust and a couple bad ends. 2 EA Bilstein 7100 12? Short Body Remote Res. One is in worse shape than the other. Valved 360/80. SOLD 2 EA Fox 2? Remote Res 10? travel. Don?t remember the valving...
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    DII Transfer Case Reseal

    I'm finally getting around to re-seal the trans case, however I'm not sure the best route to go to a: remove it; b: rebuild it; and c: avoid long downtime of the truck. I am leaning towards getting a second one, taking my time going through it 100% then swapping them. That way I can still use...
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    DII AC Belt Cover

    Hello, I am looking for the plastic shroud/guard that goes over the A.C. compressor on a DII. Thanks, Nick
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    Anyone near Glenwood Springs CO?

    Looking to see if anyone is located around there who would have a lead or info on a locating a DII AC Compressor. Long story short, a buddy of mine is driving a DII across country and the AC clutch bearings went out and is currently stuck there. Any leads on a local replacement or shop...
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    4.6 Conversion Parts

    Looking for the crank, rods, pistons from a 4.6 to convert my 4.0 DII. Please let me know if you have 4.6 for this. Thanks, Nick
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    DII Beige Cup Holders

    I have a pair of beige cup holders for sale. They are missing the inserts, but in good shape otherwise. They don't have the mounting screws but they are the same little black screws that LR uses all over the interior. $45 shipped for the pair. Thanks, Nick
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    DI Adjustable Panhard

    I have a Terrafirma adjustable Panhard Rod that is for a DI. I bought it a few years ago, realized it was for a DI, tried to fit DII bushings in, put DI bushings back in, then gave up and let it sit there. It is the same one from Rovers North...
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    Superwinch Husky

    I found a Husky 8 for a pretty good price and would like to get it and install on my RTE bumper on my DII. I cant seem to locate the mounting hole pattern or any mounting specific instructions for that matter. The owners manual that I found wasn't very helpful. Will this fit in the...
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    CDL Linkage

    Hello, I am looking for a cdl linkage to add to my DII. Thanks, Nick
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    New starter

    I need a new starter for my DII. I remember reading about a gear reduction high torque one but can't remember the name of it or who makes it. If anyone could help me remember I would appreciate it, or recommend a different one. Thanks
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    Removing Drives Side Carpet Advice

    I need to remove part of the drivers side carpet in the foot-well in my DII to fix a small rust spot. Ive never pulled the carpet there before so dont know whats involved to get access to it. Do I need to pull the seat and the center console as well to get enough room to weld in there...
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    DII Rear Hubs

    Hello, I'm looking for left and right rear hubs with abs sensor for my DII. Thanks, Nick
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    Brake lines failed

    The brake tubes running on top of the frame rail ruptured the other day. Currently my best guess it was caused by rust. I'm thinking about replacing them but just using two long lengths of braided stainless hose. Wouldn't have to worry about rust and they would be easy to feed back through...
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    RTE spring rates

    Does anyone remember what the springs rates are for the 2" HD rear springs. I think they are they RR2-1, but I can't remember and the gray powder coat flaked off. They used to have them listed on their old site but not anymore. I'm trying to decide if I should stay with them or switch to the...
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    Dislocation Cones

    I am trying something out on my DII and I am looking for some dislocation cones. These are for the rear of a DII. If you have some for the front I might be interested in them as well. Thanks, Nick
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    Stock DII Shocks

    Hello, Does anyone have a pair of stock DII rear shocks lying around? I want to re-valve my current shocks and need something to use for a couple days in their place. Thanks, Nick