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  1. AfiRover

    Pelican cases Orange large for sale $135

    yup brandy new pelican 1650-or 1610 orange $135 each no foam located in Indianapolis IN text me if you are in need of these 317-294-0071
  2. AfiRover

    Lets have some fun brake tech.

    Ok lets do a "real bit of tech " on discoweb :banghead: So I'm playing with a disco with some "brake fade" Ok to be fair it no longer a stock truck has a few missing pieces from the body and and interior but at hart it's still just a D1. I'm replacing the "stockish pedal step up with an...
  3. AfiRover

    Wilds 2016 ?

    The ninjas wana know will it happen this year ?:eek:
  4. AfiRover

    D1 safari snorkel used $ 180 ish

    DID I SAY USED SO NO WINNING $180:smilelol: Im throwing a 98 d1 out to the curb for the wrecker ,if you need anything let me know NO motor ,trans ,xfer ,axels all gone other crap curb bound:D
  5. AfiRover

    So I replaced my tow rig

    I had a bit of a scuffle with another motorist the other day :banghead: So I just replaced "stinky" with "Bloody truck " a big maroon money pit Im working to get it ready for the summers activity's Im not sure it will be ready Its a POS but ITS mine for some reason I can't seem to post pics...
  6. AfiRover

    over done d 90
  7. AfiRover

    I need a freelander hood

    I don't care about color scratches etc
  8. AfiRover

    Don't Tell Pt

    I know this does not belong here but he will not look here hee hee he has no idea that it has been reworked don't let him either dammit this is PT's trailer :betterluck: Ok I often use his trailer a few years ago I painted it for him and so it was due this poor thing has had NO love in...
  9. AfiRover

    cleaning up for next project all d1 stuff

    ok guys i need to move this thing out of the way heres the list all parts in 46219 call me if interested d1- snorkel (safari) $125 custom d1 arb front bumper with 8k winch and lights $425 1 fuel tank alum with pump +- 20 gal $200 rock sliders/ air tanks for d1 extra heavy duty $200 no...
  10. AfiRover

    LR3 wiring diag's ?

    Does anyone have a "rave" disc with lr3 wiring diag's ? I don't seem to have it in my "latest" copy am I the only one who does not have it ? :banghead:
  11. AfiRover

    This looks like it could be fun to see

    this looks like it should be interesting to watch and see how it goes
  12. AfiRover

    This Months Special From Pts Parts

    *updated* THIS MONTH SO FAR WE ARE OFFERING D1 Power steering pump with hoses shipped to you for -------$325. D1/RRC/DEF WOLF WHEELS WITH TIRES AND LUGNUTS -----$175 EA D2 Power steering pump with hoses shipped to you for -------$415. D2 Complete Brake pads Kit front and rear...
  13. AfiRover

    I Win :::i Got A New Number For Parts

    The ultimate cheap bastard (MR Schram):D finally got me my every own phone for parts (so I think he can track my ass) The new number for parts is 260-414-1075 It only took 2 months :banghead:
  14. AfiRover

    Have you guy's seen this? some interesting stuff and new products coming in very interesting...:D
  15. AfiRover

    Ok We Now Offering Parts

    Ok We are Now Offering Parts I have joined P.T SCHRAM repair Rover repair We are now offering land rover service parts for all Dscowebbers at a "group buy" type pricing. For the most part, these will be aftermarket, but are only those that have passed muster and that we have personal...
  16. AfiRover

    "dead" gems ECU needed

    I need a dead gems ECU if you have one let me know thanks afirover
  17. AfiRover

    who has a parts listing for a 4.4

    I need a parts break down of the front diff on a 03 4.4 does any one have this info ?>
  18. AfiRover

    tech day in Indianapolis IN come on out and visit
  19. AfiRover

    midwest offroad trip (IN)

    Im ready for some local offroadin I am bored with badlands and redbird any one know of any other places to go and play ? if so lets get together and have a good time afi
  20. AfiRover

    d1 ss break lines new cleaning out garage $85

    I found some ss break lines for a d1 while I was cleaning up they are 23" long so should fit a 3"lift $85 located in Indianapolis IN 46219