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  1. Flyfish

    LUNCHBOX :: 1998 Land Rover Discovery

    Pretty sure he’s just yelling at me. He does that.
  2. Flyfish

    LUNCHBOX :: 1998 Land Rover Discovery

    Appreciate that! Very possible, I drive it all the time. Looks a little different from that last pic so definitely easy to spot.
  3. Flyfish

    LUNCHBOX :: 1998 Land Rover Discovery

    95. Has a couple battle scars but still is purdy.
  4. Flyfish

    LUNCHBOX :: 1998 Land Rover Discovery

    LR Direct lets you use PayPal. That may solve the issue. That bumper looks pretty good on a classic too...
  5. Flyfish

    Favorite RRC Color - Pictures most appreciated

    Alpine white! Look great clean and dirty!
  6. Flyfish

    Fi-Tech Fuel Injection Kit

    Listing for a friend. He?s been a LR master tech for over 20 years. Brand new master install kit. Everything needed to swap your carb system to fuel injection. $800 shipped, cont US. Best to contact the seller directly with any questions. Brian
  7. Flyfish

    95 RRC short wheel base - brake pipes

    Lots of places carry them. Check your part numbers.
  8. Flyfish

    Steel wheel nut torque

    Steel & alloy should be the same, 103 ft lbs.
  9. Flyfish

    Purge Valve -D2 03/04

    Even the rover specific valves are pretty cheap. But someone may want the whole assembly. And my price at $150 is definitely better than the suppliers at $350!
  10. Flyfish

    Purge Valve -D2 03/04

    Just in case everyone fights over who gets to buy it, rock-paper-scissors will be the deciding factor!
  11. Flyfish

    Range Rover Classic Project

    Just curious, but, what exactly does this mean? ?Non running at the moment. Its almost there.? Maybe some color on what is needed to at least get it driving.
  12. Flyfish

    D1 windshield 4 piece seal kit and more

    Found a different set. Glws
  13. Flyfish

    D1 windshield 4 piece seal kit and more

    Still for sale? I?ll take it ASAP.. I found out turkeys play a mean game of chicken!
  14. Flyfish

    Procrastination & Flex

    Find a loading dock to flex and measure for longer bumps!
  15. Flyfish

    LWB Classic Front Wheel Hopping

    Steering dampener bad??
  16. Flyfish

    Head gasket delima!!!

    The valley pan gasket is a crush gasket. I would do nothing except for re-doing full torque sequence like a normal installation. Then if that doesn?t work, you can start from scratch pulling the intake for a new valley gasket and sealant around the coolant passages etc.
  17. Flyfish

    NOW parting 1996 Off Road Rig

    Specs on Fox shocks?? Size fully compressed? Eye to eye?