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  1. Devildog01

    D2 SD Rack

    D2 SD rack. Near mint condition. It could probably use a a freshening up on the paint on top due to sun exposure but other then that it is perfect. Stainless hardware included. $750 w/out the 4 LED's or $850 with. The LED's are 7" round and stupid bright. Can get delivered to MAR.
  2. Devildog01

    Kneeling NFL players

    Way to disrespect the country that has afforded you with the ability to kneel during the national anthem. Fuckin pieces of shit.
  3. Devildog01

    Happy birthday

    It's netjaws birthday today. Just wanted to remind everyone.
  4. Devildog01


    Who's got one and what kind. Been using a buddy's Logan 1950'ish making some "accessories" and thinking about picking one up.
  5. Devildog01

    Happy 241st!!!!

    You know who you are. Semper fi.
  6. Devildog01

    L322 battery

    Seems like the battery is shot in the range. Replacement suggestions?
  7. Devildog01

    Too good not to post.
  8. Devildog01

    The Night Manger

    Anyone else watching it? Really good show and lot's of rover porn.
  9. Devildog01

    Another gem
  10. Devildog01

    99 Land Rover D2

    99 Land Rover D2 (2016-04-19 21:18:53)
  11. Devildog01

    L322 airbag issue

    I'll try to make this quick. 07 L322 97xxx miles.. Blew a driver side air bag last week. Took it to the somewhat reputable indie shop down the street. Got a new Arnott bag (thanks Erik at Lucky 8) and they installed it. They then told me they were getting a code for a bad valve in the pump and...
  12. Devildog01

    Excellent tech advice here. The funny thing is they actually kicked Jimmy out for having a bad attitude. Too fuckin funny.
  13. Devildog01

    Just say no to fish I'm calling for a ban on all seafood restaurants. It's the only logical thing to do.
  14. Devildog01

    Cigar thread

    I quit smoking cigarettes a while back and although I've always enjoyed a good cigar, lately I've been experimenting with more cigars and I think I'm getting hooked. After finishing off a bottle of George Dickel, i cozy up with a coffee and Bailey's and a nice Acid kuba-kuba. It's about 53° on...
  15. Devildog01

    D2 door seals

    For a 99 D2 anybody got some? Need fronts for sure backs if you have them too.
  16. Devildog01

    abs amigo

    Anyone have one they want to rent/sell? Got some abs issues and that little fucker would be real useful. Or is there another relatively inexpensive scanner that does abs?
  17. Devildog01

    Anyone up for an expedition??????
  18. Devildog01

    shipping a handgun non ffl

    Anyone ever ship a hand gun non ffl? Ie person to person using ups or usps?
  19. Devildog01

    LR3 hitch and spare tire

    LR3 hitch standard regular model $200 plus ride. Brandy spankin new general grabber at/2 265/70/18 on a stock LR3 wheel. Tire has never seen any dirt or asphalt. Still has the rubber titties on it. Make an offer. Also have a fuel pump I can ship to Canada cheap.
  20. Devildog01

    L322 brake pads

    So my I've noticed my range expels an inordinate amount of brake dust from the front bakes. Not that big of a deal but if the wheels are clean and shiny and I decide to head downtow 5 miles away to pick up a toothless hooker they are covered in brake dust which annoys me and the toothless...