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  1. rover4x4

    Flex flares on a D2

    Ken thats a sweet front bumper
  2. rover4x4

    Window tint

    I have some type of 3M on my DD, it may be ceramic, I believe it is a 30% reduction. I got mine mainly for heat reduction and it ma an incredible difference. There are many levels of tint, my wife has an Outback , I had the fronts done to match the rear, primarily for aesthetics. I went with...
  3. rover4x4

    D1 Distributor replacement.

    Pertronix coil and distributor in my basketcase RRC.. I have a fluke distrubutor and the rotor button walks up and this causes the pickup to not get a good signal. When it starts acting up I know what the problem is, took a while to figure that out... So far so good....
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    Old Range Rover Site

  5. rover4x4

    Old Range Rover Site

    That was a great page, I spent a lot of time there and on the forum.
  6. rover4x4

    New Bronco fucking gnarly man
  7. rover4x4

    Gauging interest - 2004 Discovery needs engine

    Not a bad price considering the gear and Az provenance. You'll like the LR4 but miss the DII.
  8. rover4x4

    Third Generation Range Rover (2002-12) what to look for?

    4.4 is probably the best engine Land Rover ever used
  9. rover4x4

    New Bronco

    bahahahaha It is really sad but good for them, the Nufender is garbage.
  10. rover4x4

    New Bronco

    The Nufender was irrelevant even before it hit US soil. Land Rover makes chick cars and has been for quite some time. 35s and lockers out of the showroom, how much effort does it take for a Land Rover to accommodate 35" tires. Ford knocked it out of the park with the Bronco
  11. rover4x4

    I’ve got 2 LT-230’s.......which is better for 94 LWB

    It's a land rover. This swap has been well documented
  12. rover4x4

    New Disco owner/forum member and a question about thermostat

    This engine was engineered in the 50's before fuel injection and emissions, keep it as cool as possible esp those later truck with the "Thor" intake.
  13. rover4x4

    Whitewater/Lazy River Rafting

    Hold your t-grip feet downstream j stroke lock your feet in the thwart I love rafting and miss it
  14. rover4x4

    Center muffler options

    Magnaflow, subtle almost classy.
  15. rover4x4

    RRC SS exhaust ?

    I have a SS Magnaflow muffler and steel piping thats 10 years old and no rust...
  16. rover4x4

    RRC SS exhaust ?

    Dont waste your money. Find a shop with a mandrel bender (good luck) and have them make you a new exhaust, you can choose from a zillion different mufflers. NRP seem to be highly regarded throughout the Rover community. I like Magnaflow mufflers. I have never understood the allure of a...
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    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    yeah I am a selfish MFer.
  18. rover4x4

    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    Same ol same ol, I am enjoying the lack of traffic. I am fine until they close the local State Park and I cant ride my bike. I hope things will bounce back in time for summer....
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    Politics forum is closed

    I figured this was coming, I am bummed I missed the last couple days of it