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  1. rover4x4

    '91 RRC Tachometer

    Need a replacement tachometer for my Classics cluster, I believe the cluster was updated in 1990 I am guessing any tach from 90-94 should work. Thanks.
  2. rover4x4

    RRC stock front bumper

    In black with end caps, don't need lower fascia
  3. rover4x4


    Post some photos from the nor easter
  4. rover4x4

    DI rearview mirror

    I need a functioning non leaky replacement
  5. rover4x4

    Soft dash steering shaft

    I need one with a good rubber donut, preferable from a softdash RRC. I imagine a DI will also work. FWIW the hard dash shaft was a tid bit too long
  6. rover4x4

    Green Bean :: 1995 Land Rover Defender Station Wagon

    Green Bean :: 1995 Land Rover Defender Station Wagon (2015-07-23 18:39:44)
  7. rover4x4

    Hunter :: 1991 Land Rover Range Rover

    Hunter :: 1991 Land Rover Range Rover (2015-06-01 14:24:24)
  8. rover4x4

    Any Surveyors here?

    Ive got some questions about Total Stations. I need to buy a new gun and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the robotic total stations.
  9. rover4x4

    RRC Upper Tailgate

    Need a upper tailgate for a RRC no rust (ha) and close proximity to NC are a plus, thanks.
  10. rover4x4

    Hot wife matrix Very scientific
  11. rover4x4

    Callaway P38 Not mine but dont see these for sale very often
  12. rover4x4

    new career food trucks are so trendy
  13. rover4x4

    Its that time of the year

    I fished my 15 year old Mountain Hardwear windstopper out of the closet, its a little long in the tooth. Has anyone found a well made windstopper fleece that is made in AMERICA?
  14. rover4x4

    cruise 95

    Cruise control used to work intermitantly. I've replaced all the hoses, switches, buttons, edu and cassette. The pump works on my 91. I hear the relate click in the glove compartment when I mash the cc button. What am I missing here?
  15. rover4x4

    Rovertracks Steering, Hella E-Codes

    complete Rovertracks steering draglink, track rod steering damper bracket. Also need some hella 7" e-codes not that DOT friendly shit the real frenchy boy housings.
  16. rover4x4

    Knob and Tube wiring and homeowners INS

    I am finally asking the braintrust, do any of you have homes with knob and tube? Who are you using for homeowners? Ive called a few companies and havent had much luck. The house was built in the 40's, a good bit of it has been replaced there is still some remaining in the attic. I plan on...
  17. rover4x4

    New LRNA photos of 2017 Defenders

    April Fools:rofl:
  18. rover4x4

    Russian Meteor I wonder what really happened....
  19. rover4x4

    RRC Steering colum Cowl

    In brown preferably .
  20. rover4x4

    Raleigh NC Beers

    Trying to get a group organized for beers, I know there is a CROC event this weekend. If any of you in town there will be some folks having beers at Tylers Taproom in Seaboard Station.