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  1. specops1526

    Wanted: SLS Air Compressor/Pump with housing box

    Anyone have an SLS air compressor/pump with the box that you want to get rid of after switching over to coils? Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  2. specops1526

    DII Stock Plastic Sill Covers

    Anyone have a set of DII plastic sill covers you are looking to get rid of after adding sliders?
  3. specops1526

    Rock Sliders and Sill Rust

    I'm sure this has been covered in the past but couldn't find what I was looking for with a search. Recently bought an '03 DII and it has Trek Outfitter sliders installed. Haven't had sliders on my DIIs before. In my quest to "restore" and clean up this truck, I removed the sliders because I...
  4. specops1526

    Converting to Stock Suspension

    So this is probably going to be counter intuitive to everything on this forum, but I'm going to be converting a 2003 DII back to stock suspension. It's an '03 TReK truck and I'd like to get it as close to stock as possible. It's currently got +2 Terrfirma Springs, Terrafirma front shock towers...
  5. specops1526

    03-04 Rear Bumper Cover and Rear Lower Lamp Guards

    Looking for an 03-04 rear bumper cover w/o parking sensors in good condition. Preferably in the SoCal area as I presume shipping will be expensive. Also looking for these Rear Lower Lamp Guards...
  6. specops1526

    WTB: Black Cargo Cover/Shade for '04 DII

    Let me know if you've got a black cargo cover/shade for an '04 DII. Would like it to be functional and in good condition. Thanks
  7. specops1526

    Used DII Checklist?

    I'm looking at a DII and, unfortunately, can't be there in person to check it out since it's out of state. Here's a list I put together for a mechanic to look at: Coolant Pressure Check/Expansion Tank Compression Check Oil Pressure Check Water Pump and Viscous Fan Power Steering Fluid and Hoses...
  8. specops1526

    Help with Pre-Purchase Inspection St. Louis/Illinois

    Hey, Looking at a Disco near St. Louis in Illinois and looking for some help with a pre-purchase inspection or a recommendation for a shop that can do the inspection. Anyone available to help or have any shop recommendations? Also, anyone have any buyer tips for an out-of-state private party...
  9. specops1526

    Time to put your trucks up for sale, guys!

    This is an insane selling price: Are these things on the rise now?
  10. specops1526

    Rear Lower Lamp Guard - Drivers/Left Side

    Does anyone have one of these available? Part #STC50197 Plastic Lamp Guard for bumper, G4 Style
  11. specops1526

    Austin Rover Mechanics?

    Looking for a recommendation for an indy shop in the Austin area for a friend with an '04 DII. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  12. specops1526

    D2 top center dash vent

    It seems like all the plastic on one of my 04s is crumbling... How is the vent on top of the dash (next to the little rubber mat in the center) attached? Mine is fully loose and looks like some mounting points on the bottom have broken. Not even sure how that happened since nothing ever touches...
  13. specops1526

    2004 Headlight Bulbs

    One of the bulbs in my 04 blew out again. Is there a drop in LED replacement that anyone has had success with? These Sylvania H7s don't seem to last very long.
  14. specops1526

    JAK000010PMA - DII Windshield Cowl Air Intake

    Looking for the black windshield cowl under the windshield. This is for a 2004 DII. Green part in attached pic. Thanks
  15. specops1526

    03-04 Front Bumper End Caps

    Set of used end caps. Good condition. Just need new paint and they're ready to go. Color is Tangiers Orange. $100 + shipping
  16. specops1526

    DII Rear SLS Air Shocks/Bags

    Stock SLS Air Bags off an '04. Have 79k on them. Took them off for a lift. Worked perfectly when I removed them. Hopefully someone could use these to repair a damaged pair. Make me an offer.
  17. specops1526

    DII Stock Front Springs and Shocks

    Stock Front Springs and Shocks off an '04. Have 79k on them. Took them off years ago for a lift. Hopefully someone can use these. Make me an offer.
  18. specops1526

    04 D2 Front Driveshaft

    Used front driveshaft out of an 04 D2. Has about 79k miles on it. Never heard it squeak or chirp. Good candidate for a rebuild. $125 plus shipping
  19. specops1526

    Genuine LR4 Front Rotors

    Brand New set of Genuine Front Rotors for sale. Part#: SDB000624 $200 plus shipping.
  20. specops1526

    Genuine LR3 Air Filters

    Have 2 Genuine LR3 Air Filters. Part#: PHE000112 $50 each shipped