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  1. Flyfish

    Fi-Tech Fuel Injection Kit

    Listing for a friend. He?s been a LR master tech for over 20 years. Brand new master install kit. Everything needed to swap your carb system to fuel injection. $800 shipped, cont US. Best to contact the seller directly with any questions. Brian
  2. Flyfish

    Purge Valve -D2 03/04

    Charcoal canister purge valve. WTV000060G Genuine NIB. $150 +s/h OBO. ($340 new)
  3. Flyfish

    Trailer connector 7-way to flat 4

    Trailer Connector - 7-Way European Round To Flat-4 Conversion Plug / Harness NIB, AB part number 9438 $40 delivered lower 48
  4. Flyfish

    Pertronix help, again

    Ever since I installed the pertronics distributor and coil set up, my engine will randomly cut out between 2000 - 2500 RPMs. It only does it under moderate acceleration and also cruising at that RPM range. New wires, multiple rotors, plugs etc. Timing is great. I've done every voltage...
  5. Flyfish

    IAC/Stepper relearn????

    Is there a specific "re-learning" procedure for a new IAC? The "plunger" on the new one is in a different position than the one currently in the truck. (Not sure if that is normal for a new one that has not self adjusted) When I first start the truck, I have to help it keep running and slowly...
  6. Flyfish

    RRC bumper

  7. Flyfish

    Pertronix help, no spark

    Putting a new Pertronix dizzy & coil setup in my 95 RRC SWB. I get no spark from the coil to dizzy wire. Connected the black and red dizzy wires to the coil terminals per the instructions. Reconnected the factory ecu & capacitor wires on coil. I assume all of the factory remote amp...
  8. Flyfish

    RRC external front upper shock mount

    Has anyone fabricated their own external front upper shock tower to replace that big factory cone that is bolted on? I've only seen an external mount as part of a dual shock set up attached above the coil spring. Something that would work with an "eye" shock end and maybe even adjustable...
  9. Flyfish

    Mechanic/Shop near Frisco, Colorado

    A buddy is looking for a good rover shop near Frisco, Colorado. He just bought a '64 Series and will need a place for service/repairs etc. Thanks for your suggestions!
  10. Flyfish

    Mechanic/Shop near Frisco, Colorado

    A buddy is looking for a good rover shop near Frisco, Colorado. He just bought a '64 Series and will need a place for service/repairs etc. Thanks for your suggestions!
  11. Flyfish

    Warn Dual Force Powerplant

    Warn Dual Force Powerplant. Winch and built in air compressor . Perfect condition, I don't think it's ever been used. winch, hook, cable, roller fairlead & remote. $1800 new, $1100 plus s/h I can email actual pictures or whatever you need. Thanks.
  12. Flyfish

    D2/P38 wheels & tires

    Sell set of 4 Eltex 5-spoke matte black with Cooper Zeon LTZ tires for a D2/P38. All in perfect condition. Approx $2k new Wheels are 20x9 Tires are 275/60r20 (32.9") $900 Happy to email individual pictures. (Pictures are of the actual wheels/tires. The defender required adapters. FYI)
  13. Flyfish

    D110 springs

    Looking for stock defender 110 springs. Just rear is ok or all. Thanks!
  14. Flyfish

    1995 Land Rover RRC SWB

    1995 Land Rover RRC SWB (2015-02-15 04:30:08)
  15. Flyfish

    Superwinch X9

    Superwinch X9 from my '04 DII. Used but works well, synthetic line, remote. Wires were lengthened to move solenoid into engine bay and relocate remote plug. I have brand new solenoid X9 housing etc to return to factory set up. Also a brand new Albright solenoid which is a $100 failsafe...
  16. Flyfish

    Aluminum Upper Tailgate '95 SWB

    Looking for an aluminum upper tailgate assembly w/ 3rd brake light for my '95 SWB. Thanks, Flyfish
  17. Flyfish

    WTF..... ertry03te08

    WTF's up with these posts from ertry03te08???? Did I miss a memo?
  18. Flyfish

    Lucas rotors

    Searched but couldn't find. Anyone still selling Lucas dizzy rotors??
  19. Flyfish

    230 swap

    I've searched but want to confirm by beeeep fix. Swapped a '98 230 into my 95 SWB. All done but got the constant beeeep. I cut the neutral switch plug off the BW. Spliced the wires together, plugged into harness and beep is gone. Has anyone found any problems doing this and/or come up...
  20. Flyfish

    Random total loss of electrics

    95 rrc. My truck randomly loses all power, driving or not. Everything goes dead. Dash, dome light, everything. While driving, it's just a quick flash, everything off, then back on. No correlation to bumps in road etc.. Battery cables are clean & tight. All is good to fuse block. Battery...