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  1. JoJo The Giraffe

    Turkey Baster

    An easy way to replace the majority of your power steering without flushing. Just add on a bit of plastic hose to your turkey baster and suck out the old power steering fluid from the reservoir. Replace with new, drive for a couple of weeks and do it again. After 3 times, you have replaced about...
  2. JoJo The Giraffe

    Thasis Vancouver Island

    Just a nice old logging road to get to this remote fishing community on Vancouver Island. Had to pass a couple of those large articulated dump trucks. Go west from Campbell River to Gold River, then north to Thasis. Drive pass Thasis and you end up in Woss. A fun drive in the fall. Nothing major.
  3. JoJo The Giraffe

    rebuilt front drive shaft

    After noticing the odd chirping from the front end, and eventually some shudder through the steering the wheel, my 2000 Disco 2 was talking to me....fix my driveshaft. From looking underneath, the most forward facing u-joint showed shiny in the grove area. So after putting some WD-40 and...
  4. JoJo The Giraffe

    PCV cleaning or replacement

    On the D2, it is a simple 2 hose and a weird nipple system. You can either replace the components, or shoot some carb cleaner down the hoses until they run clean, and take an old toothbrush to the nipple itself with some more carb cleaner. Any thoughts or comments?
  5. JoJo The Giraffe

    transmission engagement observation

    In my automatic 2001 D2, moving the gear shift leaver from Park to Drive sometimes does not engage. I notice a difference in brake pedal pressure before I more the leaver. On first try, the brake pedal pressure is less and the leaver does not more. On the second try, there is more pressure on...
  6. JoJo The Giraffe

    Tire Cover

    Where can you get another giraffe wheel cover? After growing the internet, it seems that it is no longer made. Thanks for any assistance.
  7. JoJo The Giraffe

    JoJo The Giraffe :: 2001 Land Rover Disco 2

    JoJo The Giraffe :: 2001 Land Rover Disco 2 (2017-07-26 04:37:08)