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  1. CORover

    New Bronco

    Anyone watch the release?
  2. CORover

    Heater Vent Unit Blow By

    After replacing my leaking heater matrix I noticed I was getting air blow by on certain settings. The air comes out past the heater matrix, not all of the vent locations like it is supposed to. I have not figured out which setting it is yet. In looking at the workshop manual, there seems to...
  3. CORover

    Fuel, Gas, Petrol, Leak

    Over the last year or 2 I have replaced the primary filler tube and the smaller vent tube that goes to the middle of the tank. The last 2 times at the pump, I started to notice gas leaking out somewhere near the filler neck when the tank was about 3/4 full. Did this twice in a row now. Any...
  4. CORover

    No Start

    So after I got the wipers worked out, I decided to support my local tap room and go by some crowlers of local brew. I had fun driving there hitting snowbanks, piles of snow, deep slushy water and generally driving it like the General Lee. I got there no problem, no issues. Parked, went inside...
  5. CORover

    Wiper Motor Connection

    During the height of a big spring snowstorm last Thursday the wipers in my 99D1 failed. I had to continue the drive without them and considering how wet and slushy it was, that was not easy. I did some online research and and looked at my shop manual and decided to tear into it last Friday...
  6. CORover

    Won't Start

    So my rusted and wrecked 96 Disco has been sitting for a long time. I used to run it once in a while but I have not recently. I went out to start it and the battery was dead. I took the battery out and put it on a charger. I put it back in and it started but was running rough. I decided to...
  7. CORover

    Turn Signal

    Do the turn signal wires travel through the rotary coupler? I have my whole dash out for a long term repair and i want to get them working for a while. I did just hook up the cluster to get speed and fuel but they still don't work. I even plugged in a bench tested one I have and same result.
  8. CORover

    Heater Matrix

    So the PO said the heater matrix was replaced and I believe him. The dash and wire routing were so poorly put back together that I am sure someone was in there, wrong and mismatched screws and bolts everywhere. But I have found antifreeze under the padding on the passenger side floor. The...
  9. CORover

    CDL Strangeness

    My new to me Gen 1 Disco had a stuck CDL lever, even though the PO said the transfer case worked, I guess he was sorta correct. So I played with it a while from underneath squirting and testing. I eventually got it to move out of high and go into low range. Then I tried the same for locked...
  10. CORover

    Cup Holders

    Anyone have the mounting info for the add on cup holders in a DI? I'll wing it if I have to, I just thought I would ask.
  11. CORover

    Very Tough to Watch

    This might be the future of my first Disco.
  12. CORover

    Hood Release Cable

    Any clever repairs that are not vice grips for a broken T-handle on one before I order a new one and go through the install? It was very tough to pull anyway so I am probably due.
  13. CORover

    2000 RR 4.6 HSE whole parts car

    See my ad for this vehicle. Cheers
  14. CORover

    2000 Range Rover 4.6 HSE

    This is my ad, it has all of the details in it. Cheers
  15. CORover

    Side Marker Lights

    Anyone got a fix for the broken side marker light issue. They usually break, no matter how careful I am, when I need to change a bulb. The little plastic tab is undersized and gets brittle with age and heat. Tape, adhesive and new are lower on the list.
  16. CORover

    Engine Swap

    I have a 4.6 GEMS from a RR currently in my 96 Discovery, any issues putting that into an early 99 Discovery? Any computer issues? The evap system will be different, will that just plug in as needed?
  17. CORover

    Not mine

    Might be worth a look
  18. CORover


    Going out of business and selling off rights to products. Attack of the Clones
  19. CORover

    Delayed Start

    Put the key in the ignition, turn it to start, wait 3 seconds while holding it there, and it starts, no problems, every time. Signs of a failing ignition switch? I read a bunch of the older ignition switch issues and this one seemed a little different. I do understand my options now though...
  20. CORover

    Engine Mounts

    Anyone have a source for the Jag engine mounts that is not ebay for a 96 Disco?