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  1. K-rover

    Lt230 output seal

    My front output seal has started leaking. I have a replacement seal, but a buddy told me that Im better off replacing the whole yoke and seal. What are your thoughts? Just the seal or do the whole kit?
  2. K-rover

    Another warm temp thread...

    Here's the deal. 2001 D2 has been running nice and cool since I replaced the tstat and fan clutch. A few weeks ago while on a wheeling tripI noticed my temps get to 208. Which it NEVER does! It was a hot day and I was playing on a rock garden. The temps eventually went back down so I didn't...
  3. K-rover

    Death wobble

    Ive had some steering wheel wobble between 50-58mph for a while now. All good below and above those speeds. When I went to the 35's and new wheels I was hoping that would solve my issue, but still there. Next I replaced all 4 TRE's and got a new adjustable panhard bar with new bushings since my...
  4. K-rover

    D2 coolant tank

    Whats the best source for a new coolant tank? I beleive mine has developed a leak. Rockauto has one for $30 with a 12month warranty.
  5. K-rover

    Strange turn signal/brake light issue

    I've got a good one here... So let me just say that all the bulbs ARE working. Left turn signal works normally when headlights are off. When I have the headlights on and the left blinker I get a fast blink on the dash, but the brake light and the rear running lights are alternating. Nothing...
  6. K-rover

    Low voltage

    Havent driven the truck in a while. had to jump start it last week. It fired up tonight a bit hesitant. My old OB2 bluetooth device finally died. I got the new one in today. Drove the truck to go get gas and noticed the voltage was reading low. 12.7-13.1 while driving and idling. I put my volt...
  7. K-rover

    Land Rovers on the Rubicon at the KM3 release

    3 pretty nice Defenders all on 37 KM3's The white one is running a cummins, probably 4bt
  8. K-rover

    Wheel backspacing for a 35" tire

    Guys running 35's on a D2, whats the backspacing on your wheels?
  9. K-rover

    Dobinson coil springs

    Anyone here have any experience with them? I Land cruiser buddy of mine told me about them. I guess they are very popular in Australia with the LC crowd. THey have a US office in Miami. So Im looking to replace my TF rear coils which are an ungodly 360lb/inch to a softer rate but still maintain...
  10. K-rover

    High dollar D2 Funny CL Ad

    This was posted up on FB... Too good not to share! I wish I could add up all the money Ive ever spent on my truck and tack it on to my asking price...:rofl::banghead:
  11. K-rover

    Uwharrie Safari 2018 April 12th-15th

    Early registration is now open! This year we will be camping across the street from the Outpost at the Uwharrie Events Center. (NOT AT GROUP CAMP!) The Events center will allow us more room for everyone to camp, and being on private property helps with some of the red tape we had last year at...
  12. K-rover


    Anyone ever done business with them? I was searching for some TRE jam nuts and since Rover uses a weird size, I was having trouble finding some.. A friend sent me the link to their website. He had never heard of them either, but just came up on a google search... I went ahead and placed the...
  13. K-rover

    D2 body lifts?

    So joined a D2 Facebook group that is primarily UK members.. I was shocked to see how little they actually know about simple mods to these trucks.. Just about every other member is running a body lift on top of a suspension lift just so they can clear 33's! A couple guys are running 4"...
  14. K-rover

    Brake caliper piston

    In the process of doing brakes and the driver side rear caliper piston wont go back in all the way. I have tried opening the bleed valve and using a C clamp (which I bent the handle) trying to push it back in... Is the piston toast? Or is there another trick I dont know about?
  15. K-rover

    Check your fire extinguishers!

    Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death Reported
  16. K-rover

    Johnny jointed D2 radius arms

    Anybody ever put Johnny joints into factory radius arms? Google shows TF makes some for a D1, but not for a D2. I want to 4 link the rear, but was thinking this maybe a more viable option for now. My factory rubber bushings are about shot and I dont have the funds to do a 4 link right now...
  17. K-rover

    3 amigos after locker install

    I installed new Ashcroft air lockers with 4.11 gears and rear axle shafts this past weekend. The hubs were a bear to get off. Took a hammer and pry bar to get them off. Everything went back in ok, until the test drive. Backed it out of the shop into the gravel drive way, put it in gear and went...
  18. K-rover

    ARB compressor mounting location

    Im picking up the CKMA12 and need some ideas on where to mount it. -The bottle jack location under the hood is a no go since I used that space for some wiring and a fuse block. -I had to move my coolant tank to the firewall in order to accommodate the RTE shock towers, so it cant go there. -I...
  19. K-rover

    Uwharrie Safari 2017 April 6th-9th

    Its that time again. We have exciting news that the registration for this year's event is open and we have some exciting new rides for you to join. We will be opening up camping at the Group Campsite on Thursday, April 6th and proceeding through Sunday, April 9th. Our new rides will be...
  20. K-rover

    Air lockers

    ARB, Aschroft or TJM? Which would you choose and why?