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  1. aliastel

    200 amp alternator for Disco II or Bosch Range Rover

    For sale: Newly rebuilt and upgraded 200 amp alternator for a Bosch engine RV8. Never installed. 115.00 shipped.
  2. aliastel

    Marks (Australia) Rover to Chevy V8 motor mounts

    Marks (Australia) motor mounts to install a GM gas or diesel V8 in any Land Rover which originally had a Rover V8. Just bolt to the Chevy and then to the factory Land Rover chassis mounts. 150.00 shipped.
  3. aliastel

    Rear driveshaft with u-joint setup D1/RRC

    Good rear driveshaft with the u-joint and everything needed to convert a D1/RRC with a rubber flex coupling to standard u-joint. All in good condition. 100.00 shipped.
  4. aliastel

    ZF transmission and LT230 swap kit for RRC

    Good ZF transmission and complete LT230 swap kit for a RRC including frame mounts, diff lock linkage, driveshaft. Of course, all of this fits a D1 as well. Everything for 200.00 plus shipping or for pick up in Champaign, IL. I make it up to the Chicago area pretty often and could arrange to meet...
  5. aliastel

    Rovers North Aluminum Upper Tailgate RRC

    Rovers North aluminum upper tailgate for RRC, 1 year old and in excellent condition. Currently installed on glass, but since this frame just bolts together, I can easily take it apart to ship just the frame without the glass if you wish to use your own. Includes brand new genuine handle/lock...
  6. aliastel

    200 amp alternator for D2/P38/D1 (change pulley)

    200 amp alternator for D2/Bosch P38 Freshly rebuilt 200 amp alternator with the correct pulley for a D2 or Bosch P38. Doubles your electrical power. 125.00 shipped.
  7. aliastel

    Rover V8 engine block test kit Black Dog

    Black Dog Manufacturing Rover V8 engine block test kit, complete and in excellent condition. This is a blanked off water pump with plates to seal the coolant passages and fittings to allow pressurization of the block to check for cracks behind the liners or elsewhere. Works great. 150.00 shipped.
  8. aliastel

    Genuine Spring Isolators

    Nice pair of genuine spring isolators for D1, D2, RRC and Defender 90. 15.00 shipped.
  9. aliastel

    Terrafirma Jate Rings

    Good set of Terrafirma jate rings. I've had these on a D2, a D1, and two RRC's. Will also fit Defenders. 50.00 shipped.
  10. aliastel

    D2 Cupholders Tan Complete and Excellent

    Nice complete and excellent set of tan D2 cupholders. 50.00 shipped.
  11. aliastel

    Meridian Rebuilt Steering Box 1500 mi.

    Meridian rebuilt steering box for D1/RRC/Defender. May also fit D2? Only 1500 mi on this box since rebuild. Perfect condition and has new genuine power steering lines included. 200.00 shipped.
  12. aliastel

    RRC/D1/D90 suspension parts

    RRC/D1/D90 suspension parts for sale: SOLD Genuine NRC 4304 rear springs, factory police/rally spec red/white 50.00 Genuine NRC 2119 front hd springs, factory rally spec green stripe 50.00 SOLD Terrafirma shocks with towers 75.00 SOLD Rockware HD cranked rear links w/ good genuine bushings...
  13. aliastel

    Boge load leveler frame mount

    Anyone have the top frame mount for a Boge load leveler from a Range Rover Classic they would part with?
  14. aliastel

    1989 Land Rover Range Rover Classic

    1989 Land Rover Range Rover Classic (2015-02-15 13:46:40)
  15. aliastel

    4.6 High Performance 14CUX Chip

    Installed Randall Smith's (92rrrandall) high performance 4.6L chip in my RRC today. What a difference! First, the truck started on three revolutions from dead cold instead of having to crank it over and key on and off for a minute or two as usual. Second, the engine doesn't bog down over half...
  16. aliastel

    RE: PT's Megasquirt interest group

    RE: PT's Megasquirt interest group Pt, I'm definitely interested but don't have access to reply to a thread on the Vendor's board. Probably not alone. . . David
  17. aliastel

    Set of (5) Atlantic British Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses

    These have been installed before but are in fine shape and will fit a Range Rover Classic or Discovery 1. 50.00 shipped.
  18. aliastel

    GEMS Coil Packs with STI wires

    Nice set of GEMS coil packs with excellent set of STI Ignition Wires 60.00 shipped.
  19. aliastel

    Range Rover Classic Parts - New In Box

    All new, never used and still in boxes: Handbrake cable 35.00 Bosch Coil 60.00 Fan Clutch 75.00 I'm selling these because I'm converting my Rangie to an LT230, serpentine front cover, and Megasquirt ignition so they won't fit anymore. David
  20. aliastel

    Tan D2 Cupholders

    For sale: Set of 2 tan D2 cupholders with all hardware. 50.00 shipped.