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    Well I guess this is snag #3 in the 4.6 rebuild.

    So I’d this how the new timing chain sets look for a 4.6 Bosch motor? I was ready to install the cam and finish the motor today. Opened the box with the timing kit and this is what was in there. It looks cast but not finished. The chain doesn’t sit in all the teeth the same on the cam sprocket...
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    I never thought about raising your speaker performance like this. Who knew?

    My neighbor just gave me some trashed speaker enclosures. I took them for the magnets but I had no idea what I was in for! These were exactly how I pulled them from the enclosure. I didn’t know that if you want a better speaker you just glue more magnets on the back. Sad and funny. But mostly sad.
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    TFL Defender experience

    I don’t watch too much YouTube but a coworker said I should check this out. They purchased a D2 and an LR3 and had great luck with them. So they purchased an new Defender. Wow, what a 1980’s English car experience they are having. The new Defender isn’t my favorite, but I hope for JLR’s sake...
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    Flex plate 4.6 Is this normal??

    Since the motor is out, I figured it was a good time to replace the flex plate since mine has some odd lines on it. The new flex plate is not flat like the old one. It a genuine part from a reputable source. So is this how they all are?
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    Need a set of 4.0 high comp pistons

    I am doing a 4.6 rebuild and am looking for a set of 4.0 high compression pistons. The 4.6 ones are shot and I might as well make the most of it. Let me know and thanks for your time.
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    I want to snap my axles with this.

    I had heard of the Junker airplane but had no idea that it ran such a cool engine. Now a company called Achates is starting to produce a smaller version for automobiles. I think it’s pretty exciting. If it pans out I wouldn’t mind powering a Rover with one of those...
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    Has anyone replaced their A pillars on a D1?

    Sooo. They went to replace my windshield and found that the a pillars are totally rotten on both sides. Don’t know about the top or bottom of the windshield. I didn’t have any interior water leaks. I have been every where in the Disco. There is no rust or corrosion anywhere else. I had visions...
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    LWB for sale on the Seattle CL

    It?s not mine. There looks to also be a low mileage 98 D1 for sale on the CL too.
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    Pertronix FYI

    So. After 3yrs. and 60k the Pertronix module quit. It was in my driveway so that was good but I didn?t have a spare. I order a new module and found that the mounting holes were too small. So I drill them to the appropriate size, added new thermal paste, and slid the old distributor grommet on...
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    Holy crap!! It was way nicer than the pictures.

    I saw this in a parking lot this morning. It was unbelievable. Had a modern interior and amenities. I don?t know if it was an ICON but it was well done.
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    Ordering parts directly from England.

    I have never ordered something from another country and was wondering what to expect. Tariffs, fees and wait times and such. I would be ordering from companies like Paddock and ACT. No really from private parties. Thanks for any advice.
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    Zerk fittings WTF

    So my Rover currently has u joints with grease fittings and I can get to all of them with my gun. I purchased a rear drive shaft to convert the rotoflex to a u joint figured it?s about time to change all my u joints so I purchased new ones. Press out the old ones and install the new ones and now...
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    The values just keep climbing!

    Here is more proof.
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    What is an appropriate wait time?

    I don't mean to bitch, so I am asking you guys. My motor puked and I am having to rebuild it. I decided to use some smaller retailers rather than the big box place. This brings me to my question and what I am doing wrong. My first try took two weeks with emails and phone calls before they even...
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    Machining a dizzy hole in a GEMS timing cover?

    I need to rebuild or repower my LWB. Not having much luck finding a serpentine belt timing cover with the appropriate hole for the dizzy and a good oil pump. I have a lead on a 4.0. Has anyone machined out the unfinished distributor boss in a GEMS timing cover and had success running a...
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    1994 Range Rover LWB

    1994 Range Rover LWB (2016-04-04 17:43:31)
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    1994 Land Rover Discovery

    1994 Land Rover Discovery (2016-04-04 17:39:36)
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    DII lower door pockets in a DI

    Has anyone tried fitting the DII lower door pockets in a DI? I know anything is possible with enough work but if relitively easy I would give it a shot. I am going to install a new stereo and would change the pockets for the extra speaker placement. Thanks for any input.
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    Does anyone know what kind of shocks these are?

    Does anyone know about these? Did a brief search and didn't find anything.
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    Seattle area- where to get a good steering box?

    So I have a 94 disco that I have removed the steering box slop from via the adjustment. I still have slop 2/3 of the way in either direction if there is any load on the wheels. The rest of the components are tight or new. I am thinking I need a new box unless I hear otherwise. Where should I...