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    America runs on Dunkin...

    what country are we living in?!?!?!? starbucks takes a stand then surrenders, just like their home city? who would have ever thought after decades hearing...
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    Riots So where are all the second amendment militia ‘patriots’ in their tactical...
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    another one for JB Mcclure scroll down a bit
  4. seventyfive

    JB McClure, this is what we were talking about

    cant remember what thread we were talking about this in.
  5. seventyfive

    D2 tire question

    Anyone ever run 265/45-20's front and rear? I'm installing airbags, so they shouldnt rub the front radius arms, while driving.
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    Hey kennith

    Your assistance is needed
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    Be safe this weekend

    <EMBED height=315 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=420 src=// allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></EMBED> keep water handy. </EMBED>
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    E15 petition

    If you have a couple minutes please sign this petition
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    VW Amarok

    we have a touareg in the shop today for an overview, and i forgot about these things! the V6 is pretty reliable and easy to work on. springs instead of air suspension, and they come with low range AND diff lock. only reason i post this is due to a friend calling last week asking if the LR3...
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    September 15 main jambo virginia Several of us will be there. If you can't make SAE head to the cove.
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    Marty aka I am the Drillbit, aka jameson smoothing, aka ky_scrap 1

    12:59 in the am. all the bars closed in kentucky so marty stumbled back home and whipped this unbelievably intellectual reply. im curious as to the adjective you use. nazi? i can only assume you use that because: A) you are very simple minded and resort to name calling, instead of...
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    there's still good news There is still good shit going on.
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    stop creeping. kick off your flip flops and chime in already. did you get a new haircut? are you watching the new season of true blood? did those queer creepies run down to carcass yet?????????????????
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    where the fuck is Greg Davis and his D2???

    post some video....
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    D-Web is officially bonkers.

    gun threads. gun scope threads. money laundering threads. ignorant motherfuckers postin in tech threads. Ho and Axel, wake up. This is why MAR has shrunk to nothing. SAE is off the map. CROC aint shit. National rally east coast is in Colorado. Take control of this forum, before...
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    Axel have you watched this?
  17. seventyfive

    Hey Joel

    this picture still makes me laugh. that weekend could have been a funny top gear type of episode titled 'can a land rover be destroyed?'
  18. seventyfive

    Mongo, were not the only cool ones anymore

    Curious to see when lemans teams switch to led bars.
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    Chevy vs V10 tdi

    looks like the stacks helped out? <object width="420" height="315"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="420" height="315"></object>