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  1. Blueboy

    1994 RRC LWB ground wire locations

    With Winter approaching, the Rangie will go into hibernation. Thought a good project would be to make sure all the ground wires were in good shape. Does anyone have a list of where they are all located? Thx in advance.
  2. Blueboy

    1994 RRC 4.2 alternator replacement

    After 26 years original finally gave up. Have a replacement coming from Will. Any tips / suggestions / pitfalls when removing / installing? Thanks in advance.
  3. Blueboy

    Rangie celebrates 50 years with special edition
  4. Blueboy

    Extreme E Racing

    Received this from CGR Could be interesting.
  5. Blueboy


    Seems like a different market approach than The Best 4X4XFAR.
  6. Blueboy

    1994 RRC odometer and trip odometer stopped working

    While turning to 128,000 miles both now not functioning. Any tips on where to start? Everything else fine. Thx in advance.
  7. Blueboy

    Not a bad place to sit

  8. Blueboy

    Intermittent rear windows operation

    1994 RRC LWB with child lock. Yesterday the rear windows would not operate although the day before they did. Fiddled with the child lock switch and then they worked. Took the switch off and cleaned the contacts. The windows didn’t work immediately yet after the second attempt did. Question is...
  9. Blueboy

    Slight ping going uphill

    Have recently noticed a slight ping while driving uphill. It is really slight yet I can hear it. Use 93 octane. 4.2 engine with recent work - heads, timing chain, etc. What do you think? Thanks in advance.
  10. Blueboy

    What is this?

    Folks, Found this laying next to coil. Looks like it should be attached under a bolt head. Engine is running fine. What is this? And should I reinstall? Thanks!
  11. Blueboy

    The great sea of hot green flows into the Rover

    Yep, something let loose under the dash and the worst nightmare of RRC owership came to fruition. All of the coolant gushed into the inerior and of course the windshield fogged over immediately. Was very lucky a large parking lot was across the road from where it happened so I could pull in...
  12. Blueboy

    '94 LWB heated windshield

    Folks, When I press the switch to turn on the heating elements, the switch doesn't engage and just pops back. Or has it been so long that I actually forgot that is the way it is supposed to work??? Thanks in advance.
  13. Blueboy

    Special day for Rangie Rover

    30th anniversary of the original Range Rover's official launch in North America is today! Throughout the years:
  14. Blueboy

    Rangie backfiring, etc under power

    Hey folks, First real problem with the Rangie. Under aggressive acceleration or load, backfires, snorts, and other nasty stuff. And idles like shit until warm. New plugs, wires, rotor, distributor cap and still runs really poorly. Intake manifold gasket and seals also replaced. Any ideas...
  15. Blueboy

    Not a good Rangie day

    Bung in the top radiator hose blew out going up a hill. Fighting a lean running condition and truck just back from shop so listening for ping and watching temp gauge closely while going up the hill. Low coolant light came on and temp gauge started to climb so pulled over immediately and turned...
  16. Blueboy

    Happy Birthday JimmyJamz

    Have a great one! In Manhattan - just didn't have time to stop by and say hello.
  17. Blueboy

    Indy LR repair shops around Pittsburgh, PA

    Time is getting closer for our move back to the US and recently purchased a '96 D1 SD on which I would like to have some work done. Nothing really intense, yet, will not have a garage handy for awhile. Will be moving to Somerset, PA actually. A shop around the Eastern side of Pittsburgh...
  18. Blueboy

    Red Rover :: 1996 Land Rover D1

    Red Rover :: 1996 Land Rover D1 (2015-09-13 05:59:47)
  19. Blueboy

    Addition to the family

    1996 SD with no sunroofs. Leather interior, 69k miles, no rust from SC. Now hibernating in a cave outside Pittsburgh.
  20. Blueboy

    Bad Rover day

    Stopped at RR crossing and started to drive when no more forward motion. Noise by transmission / transfer box. At dealer to find out what happened.