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  1. Ian95rrc

    Genuine Land Rover work lamp

    $85 with US shipping included.
  2. Ian95rrc

    SOLD - MJ Lee Rear Diff Guard - Fits D1, RRC, D90

    $20 plus shipping. Located in St. Louis.
  3. Ian95rrc

    SOLD - 95 Classic Parts

    95 Classic SWB air suspension valve block and compressor with housing: $100 (Worked but leaked when removed in 2003. I have not tried to run power to compressor to see if it still works. Has been stored in garage. Can remove internals and sell housing only for reduced shipping cost. Very minimal...
  4. Ian95rrc

    Hannibal Roof Rack for Range Rover Classic

    Hannibal roof rack with genuine land rover work lamp for Range Rover Classic. All hardware included. Previously had lights mounted to front of the rack. Rack is in really good condition with some very minor wear. $600 Located in St. Louis. I would prefer local pickup but I'm open to...
  5. Ian95rrc

    Hannibal Roof Rack for RRC

    Hannibal roof rack in good condition for Range Rover Classic. Lights are already sold. Rack is off or the truck now but if you?d like closer photos I can do that. $450 Located in St. Louis. Local Pickup Only. Also have RRC ARB bumper for sale...
  6. Ian95rrc

    ARB Range Rover Classic Non-Winch Bumper w/Hella Fogs

    $350 -ARB bumper including Dixon-Bate Tow Jaws. Bumper has minor cosmetic scuffs. Drivers side is bent very slightly upward as show in photo. $40 - Hella Micro DE Fog lights. Located in St. Louis. I will ship the fog lights but the bumper is local pickup only. Thanks.
  7. Ian95rrc

    Hannibal Roof Rack for RRC with Hella Lights.

    Hannibal roof rack for RRC in good condition. Includes lights mounted on rack. 4 Hella FF300 lights on front with Genuine LR work lamp in back. Lights are very cleanly installed with wires hidden or routed inside rack. $750 for everything.
  8. Ian95rrc

    Proline Alternator

    I'm looking for a replacement alternator for my 95 rrc. Does anyone have experience with the Rovers North Proline Alternator. They say it's new not rebuilt. I'm tempted to go for it at $293 vs. $623 for genuine.
  9. Ian95rrc

    1 FREE Dunlop Radial Rover R/T 215/85 R16

    1 FREE Dunlop Radial Rover R/T 215/85 R16 Tire is in excellent condition.
  10. Ian95rrc

    Genuine HD Spring Set for D1 or RRC

    Land Rover Genuine HD (with Winch) Spring Set Used for less than 5,000 miles. Part #'s: NRC9448 x1 Drivers Side Front NRC9449 x1 Passengers Side Front NTC8572 x2 Rear Purchased from Rovers North as kit # RNK5114. Currently retails for $340. Asking $140 plus shipping.
  11. Ian95rrc

    Anyone in Denver?

    Looks like Denver is getting hit pretty hard. Anyone out driving in this blizzard?
  12. Ian95rrc

    1 95 RRC alloy 5 spoke "sport" wheel

    Looking for 1 95 RRC alloy 5 spoke "sport" wheel.
  13. Ian95rrc

    4 Hella FF300 Clear Covers

    4 Hella FF300 Clear Covers in excellent shape. No pits or large scratches on them. Never used on road. $34 Shipped anywhere in continental US.
  14. Ian95rrc

    95 RRC Condenser Fan Removal

    Is it possible to get them out without taking out the radiator and condenser? It doesn't look possible to me but I figured I'd ask before I did it the hard way.
  15. Ian95rrc

    Power steering pump pulley won't fit new pump.

    So I decided to be a cheap bastard and get a remanufactured pump from Cardone Industries. They list the same pump for 95-99 D1 which would be the same for a 95 RRC. I get the pump in and go to put the pulley on and it won't fit. I'm thinking it's the paint they put on so I take off all the...
  16. Ian95rrc

    The next best thing to web wheeling.

    Sexy flexy. :)
  17. Ian95rrc

    Radius Arm Bushings

    I just noticed that there are different radius arm bushings for air-suspension classics vs. coil spring classics. Does anyone know what the difference is? The EAS bushings are more expensive. I'm not sure which to get given that I have coils but still have some of the EAS setup, like external...
  18. Ian95rrc

    RTE vs. Scorpion trailing links.

    I'm torn between RTE links or SR links. It seems most people have the RTE links, so they have that on their side. The thing I dislike about them is the finish quality. (I'm sure some will disagree) The SR links look to have better finish quality but I hate that stupid silver. Obviously, I...
  19. Ian95rrc

    Lithium-Ion Tools

    Has anyone bought any of these tools yet? I'm lusting after the new Makita tools. I didn't care for how the Milwaukees looked but these Makitas are awesome. As far as I know, they are the only companies making them at the moment. $629 for the Makita combo kit seems like a really good deal...
  20. Ian95rrc

    HVAC Blower: Problem and Solution. 95 RRC

    These where the symptoms. The blower is intermittently cutting out completely. It always would stop working if I had it on setting 4 for longer than say 5 min. However, it always worked when I brought it back a notch to the 3 setting. Now it is intermittently going out completely leaving...